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What's the use of parallel capacitor reactive power

by:SMiLer     2021-02-24
Parallel capacitor, the original said phase-shifting capacitors. Mainly used for the compensation of perceptual load of power system reactive power, in order to improve the power factor, improve the quality of voltage, reduce the loss of line. Single-phase parallel capacitor is mainly composed of the panels, shell and outlet structure. Using metal foil ( As a plate) Winding with insulation paper or plastic film stack up, by a number of components, insulation parts and fasteners after being connected and constitute capacitance side panels, and dipping insulation oil. Capacitance plate of lead after series, in parallel to the line connection piece of qualification of the bottom of porcelain bushing. Capacitor of the metal shell filled with insulation oil. Introduction of parallel capacitor reactive power, reactive power, many electrical devices are working according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, such as the distribution transformer, motor, etc. , they can be relied on to establish alternating magnetic field energy conversion and transmission. For alternating magnetic field and induction flux and need electric power known as reactive power, therefore, the so-called reactive power electrical is not useless, but its power is not converted into mechanical energy, thermal energy. So in addition to need active power in power supply system, also need reactive power, both be short of one cannot. For the lack of reactive power units. By the electrical power supplied by the source to the load in power grid has two kinds: one kind is active power, the other is a reactive power. Active power is the power needed to keep the normal operation of electrical equipment, and electrical energy is converted into other forms of energy ( Mechanical energy, light energy and heat energy) The electric power. For example: 5. 5 kw motor is 5. 5 kw power is converted to mechanical energy, drive pump pumping or thresher threshing; All kinds of lighting equipment converts electrical energy to light energy, for people to live and work in lighting. Reactive power are abstract, it is used in electric and magnetic fields within the circuit, and used in electrical equipment set up and maintain the magnetic field of electric power. All electrical equipment of electromagnetic coil, to build a magnetic field, will consume reactive power. The 40 w fluorescent lamp, for example, in addition to the active power (40 w Ballast also need to consume a part of the active power) To light, but also need to around 80 var of reactive power for ballast coil set up alternating magnetic field. Due to its external not doing any work, is referred to as reactive power. Reactive power supply and power also produce certain negative effects, mainly displays in: ( 1) To reduce the output of the generator active power. ( 2) Apparent power is constant, increase reactive power will reduce to lose, substation power supply capacity of the equipment. ( 3) The flow of the reactive power in the grid will increase line voltage loss and power loss increases. ( 4) The system is lack of reactive power can cause low power factor and voltage drop operation, not give full play to make electrical equipment capacity. Parallel capacitor compensation reactive power as the role of the electric power capacitor compensation device has two methods: series compensation and shunt compensation. Series compensation is to put the capacitor in series directly to the high voltage transmission lines, in order to improve the transmission line parameters, reduce the voltage loss, improve the transmission capacity, reduce the loss of line. The compensation capacitor is used in the method called parallel capacitor, power enterprises are using the compensation method. According to the capacitor installation position is different, usually there are three ways. 1. Concentrated compensation capacitor Banks concentrate installed in the corporate or local general voltage substation 6 ~ 10 kv bus, is used to improve the power factor of the whole substation, make the substation reactive power within the limits of power supply basic balance. Can reduce the high voltage line reactive power loss, but also can improve the quality of the power supply voltage of the substation. 2. Grouping compensation capacitor group respectively installed in the workshop or low power factor town terminal distribution of high pressure or low pressure on the bus, also known as the dispersion compensation. This approach has the advantage that the same as the concentrated compensation, reactive power compensation capacity and scope only relatively small. But the grouping compensation effect is obvious, use also is common. 3. To compensate the capacitor assembly in asynchronous motor or capacitor or near inductive electric equipment, in situ reactive compensation, also known as single compensation or individual compensation mode. This approach can not only improve the power factor of power supply circuit for electric equipment, and can improve the voltage quality of power equipment, is very applicable to medium and small equipment.
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