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What role does the electrolytic capacitors in the electric car battery

by:SMiLer     2021-01-23
We first from the role of electrolytic capacitors. The electrolytic capacitor is used to filter, decoupling, energy storage, blocking circulation exchange, etc. In a different circuit has a different purpose. The choice of different USES capacitive material and capacity are different, and electric vehicle battery electrolytic capacitors in parallel, plays the role of energy storage. Capacitor energy storage can be used to achieve peak cut and can be used in the automobile refitting. The change of sound, for example, when equipped with high-power amplifiers with high capacity electrolytic capacitor. Generally installed near the power amplifier, can meet the requirements of sound musical peaks on current, make the transient response in a timely manner. The capacitance, then, have the effect of the large pool, generators for the capacitive charging at ordinary times, capacitor can store energy. Generator is like a small displacement pump pumping, and amplifier instantaneous large dynamic equivalent to a large displacement pumps. So big dynamic water supply pump will be insufficient, when capacitance is equivalent to a big pool, amplifiers large dynamic pool sluice, meet the demand of power amplifier instantaneous dynamic. The capacitance is equivalent to store energy at ordinary times, can all put out, whenever they are needed. This is the peak clipping in valley. And the capacity of the capacitor will not big enough, basically all is 1 Q (2 1000000 - 2000000μf) 。 In a storage battery of battery on what's the use? No generator in time for capacitor charging, capacitance instead need to use the battery to charge. Add a farad capacitor can theoretically improve the battery discharge current, but have enough to use electric vehicle battery discharge current, it is not necessary to increase the discharge current. And electrolytic capacitor will exist leakage current, repeated charge and discharge, power consumption increase can shorten the electric vehicle range instead. Even when charging a capacitor can store a certain power, but a moment after electric start capacitance storage battery will run out, then the capacitor charge and discharge are taken from the battery, battery adds additional consumption, adding capacity does not make sense.
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