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What is the working principle of a motor capacitor?

What is the working principle of a motor capacitor?


A motor capacitor is composed of two pole plates and an insulating dielectric (including air) in the center. Two conductors close to each other with a non-conductive insulating medium in between, which constitute a motor capacitor. But many people don't know what the specific working principle of the motor capacitor is. Below, SMiLer Motor Capacitor Suppliers will introduce the working principle of motor capacitors.

How do motor capacitors work?

The motor capacitor is composed of two plates and an insulating dielectric (including air) in the center. After being energized, the plates are charged to form a voltage (potential difference), but due to the insulating material in the center, the entire motor capacitor is non-conductive. However, this situation is under the condition that the critical voltage (breakdown voltage) of the motor capacitor is not exceeded. We know that any substance is relatively insulating. When the voltage at both ends of the substance is increased to a certain level, the substance can conduct electricity. We call this voltage breakdown voltage. The motor capacitor is no exception. After the motor capacitor is broken down, it is not an insulator.

However, in the middle school stage, such a voltage is not visible in the circuit, so all work below the breakdown voltage and can be seen as an insulator. However, in an AC circuit, the direction of the current changes with time as a certain function. The process of motor capacitor charging and discharging has a time. At this time, a changing electric field is formed between the plates, and this electric field is also a function of time. In fact, the current passes between the motor capacitors by way of a field.

How to test the quality of motor capacitors

Method 1: Use a pointer multimeter to touch one foot of the motor capacitor with one test pen, and then touch the other with the other one. At this time, the needle will rise quickly and then slowly fall. This is the process of charging and discharging the motor capacitor, which clarifies that the motor capacitor is good Yes, if there is no change, then the AC test lead will show the above phenomenon, and it is also clarified that it is good. If there is no charge or discharge or the needle does not drop after rising, the motor capacitor is broken. If it doesn’t drop, the inside will break down, and the needle will fail if it doesn’t move at all. Use 1X10 for large motor capacitors and 1X1K or 1X10K for small motor capacitors.

Method 2: Use a digital multimeter to measure the capacitance: set the gear to the capacitance (select the gear according to the capacitance value you measured), use two probes to connect the two legs of the motor capacitor during the test, the meter has a certain value, and then return Infinitely large, try to change the test pen again. This time it shows that there is a slight error in the size of the data, and then back to infinitely large, indicating that the capacitance is good, if it cannot return infinitely large, clarify the leakage, if it appears infinitely large, explain the internal open circuit or No capacity.

What are the motor capacitor modules?

The motor capacitor is a modular design, composed of modules: high-quality motor capacitors, intelligent measurement and control modules, switching switch modules, line protection modules, and man-machine interface modules.

Motor capacitors can be used individually or multiple units can be used online. It replaces the conventional automatic reactive power compensation device composed of wires connected by intelligent controllers, fuses, composite switches or mechanical contactors, thermal relays, low-voltage motor capacitors, indicator lights, etc.

The motor capacitor integrates intelligent control module, fast switching switch and motor capacitor protection, and the design structure is exquisite, which can be flexibly configured to meet the needs of users for reactive power compensation.

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