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What is the good way to distinguish the high frequency low resistance capacitance?

by:SMiLer     2021-02-22
What is the high frequency low impedance at high frequency, low resistance capacitance refers to this specification capacitor ripple current resistant capability is strong, and its own internal resistance ( ESR) Small, relative to ordinary products, used in circuit of the product itself is not easy to fever and cause early failure of electric capacity is larger, the high frequency impedance, the greater the so should be according to the different frequency, choose different capacity of capacitor, to do the filtering, crosslinking, accidentally, and oscillation. Mean good high frequency characteristics of capacitance, the capacitor equivalent series resistance ( ESR) Small, equivalent series inductance ( ESL) Small. Refers to this specification capacitor ripple current resistant capability is strong, and its internal resistance ( ESR) Small, relative to ordinary products, used in circuit of the product itself is not easy to fever and cause early failure. Features, high frequency, low impedance, low dissipation factor, high ripple current, commonly used in energy-saving lamps, LED power supply high demand products in the circuit. High frequency low resistance capacitance with ordinary what difference in where? Any capacitor made capacitor is not ideal, there is dielectric loss, small dielectric loss of capacitor is suitable for high frequency circuit, dielectric loss can only work in low frequency, the frequency characteristic of the capacitor and capacitor frequency characteristic is refers to the capacitor in ac circuits ( Especially in high frequency circuit) Parameters such as, the capacitance will changes with the change of the frequency characteristics. Capacitor in high frequency circuit work, a capacitor dielectric constants of materials will decrease with the increase of working circuit frequency. At this time of electric loss will also increase. Different kinds of capacitor dielectric parameters are different, they all cannot replace each other in many cases. High frequency low resistance of aluminum electrolytic capacitor with the average product is the difference between a low impedance, and low impedance is tasted more used in high frequency circuit, the so called high frequency low resistance. They use the LCR meter can measure. High frequency low resistance high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitors popular speak: capacitor should be separated have no conductive medium, so the direct current cannot pass, only charging for it; Alternating current (ac), because of the change of the positive and negative, if to conduction, actually also is in one direction through the impassability, charging to its, in the other direction, capacitor discharge ( At this point the same as the direction of current) First, and then charge, when the current commutation, after filling, seems to be. Small capacity of capacitance, usually used in high frequency circuit, such as radio, transmitter and oscillator. The large capacity of capacitor is often used as filter and storage charge. And there is a characteristic, general 1 & mu; F the capacitance of above is electrolytic capacitor, and 1 & mu; F the following capacitance for ceramics, and of course there are other, such as monolithic capacitors, polyester capacitors, small capacity of mica capacitor, etc. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have a shell, which is filled with electrolyte, and leads to the two electrodes, as is ( +) And negative ( - ) Pole, unlike other capacitors, they shouldn't wrong polarity in the circuit, but not for other capacitor polarity. Alternating current (ac) and alternating direction movements, not only its size is according to the law of change. On ac power capacitor, capacitor continuous charging and discharging, circuit will flow through the consistent with ac change rule of charging current and discharge current capacitors have ac dc resistance, lead to high frequency impedance characteristics of the low frequency capacitor two line inside and not connected, only two near the electrode plates. Electrode plates under dc voltage on charge, after full flow (there will be no charge In charging instant consists of charge flow, is a current) 。 So the dc can't pass. So-called communication, is outside voltage capacitance poles reverse transformation, alternate process of the capacitor plate continuously charge discharge, equivalent to a continuous charge flow. Dc only charge flow, an instant communication constantly transformation of positive and negative moment charge flow, is through communication.
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