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What is the distinguishing feature of mica capacitor?

by:SMiLer     2021-03-06
In our use of electronic products, machinery and equipment, can use capacitor, such as mica capacitor, application range is very wide. Below small make up, and everyone together to see what is the distinguishing feature of mica capacitor, mica capacitor can be used in what areas? What is the distinguishing feature of mica capacitor mica capacitor: yes, it is one of the high frequency capacitance, widely used in the stability of capacitance and requiring high reliability. Small volume, light weight, stable structure, easy installation, stable performance. Available good performance with a radio receiver equipment, precision electronic instruments and modern communication instrument and equipment, radio, borne power amplifier, the TV set. Mica capacitor is used on mica sheet metal foil or spraying silver layer do electrical plate, plate and mica after a layer of one layer, then die casting in the bakelite powder or cementing in epoxy resin is made. It is characterized by low dielectric loss, insulation resistance, temperature coefficient is small, suitable for high frequency circuit. Mica capacitor can be applied in the field of which due to the capacitor, the insulation of the motor support materials and dielectric materials, the use of mica has been made from crushed mica as raw materials of mica paper, most of communication tube has been replaced by semiconductor integrated circuit. Mica with high electrical insulation, good transparency, excellent can peel resistance, high chemical stability, good reducibility, and in high temperature conditions can keep the excellent physical and chemical properties, and it mainly as a kind of very important insulating materials are widely used in electronics, machinery, telecommunications, electrical appliances, aviation, transportation, instrumentation, metallurgy, building materials, light industry and other industries, and national defense and cutting-edge industries. Mica capacitor belongs to high frequency capacitor, its stability and reliability is very high. Mica capacitor has small volume, light weight and firm structure, and installation is very convenient.
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