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What is the difference between the super capacitor and battery?

by:SMiLer     2021-01-12
From super capacitor energy storage mechanism of the above points, the super capacitor and turns into the electric double layer capacitors capacitors. Is a new type of energy storage device, it has high power density, charging time is short, long service life, good temperature characteristic, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. Super capacitor is widely used. Super capacitor and battery difference between super capacitor and battery energy storage element. But has the difference, the super capacitor energy storage process is a physical process, battery energy storage is the process of chemical reaction, both the distinction that having essence. Super capacitor power characteristics are better than batteries, which can be large current fast charge and discharge, high battery energy density than supercapacitors, batteries to store more energy under same volume; Because of the super capacitor charging process of the physical life, cycle count up to 500000 times or more commonly, battery charging and discharging, less at 500 lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries - 1000 - 1500 times, different types of cycle count is not the same; Super capacitor in battery, wide working temperature to - - 40 to 65 degrees. Ultracapacitors is carbon-based actives with conductive carbon black and sheet material, binder blended cooperation using polarization electrolyte adsorption the positive and negative ions in the electrolyte, formation of electric double layer structure of energy storage, the energy storage process basic don't react, so very long cycle life. And batteries, lead-acid battery, for instance, lead-acid battery with fill spongy lead lead plate as the anode, fill the lead plate made of lead dioxide anode, and 1. 28% of dilute sulphuric acid as electrolyte. When charging, electrical energy into chemical energy, discharge chemical energy into electricity. Battery during discharge, the metal lead is negative, the oxidation reaction, oxidized lead sulfate; Lead dioxide is positive, reduction reaction, reduction of lead sulfate. When used in dc rechargeable batteries, lead and lead dioxide generated poles respectively. Remove the power supply, it back to the front of the discharge state, form a chemical battery. Can lead battery is repeatedly charging and discharging of battery, is called the secondary battery. Purpose there is also a difference of the two, the super capacitor energy density is low, but its superior performance, environmental protection, high power to make it widely used in back-up power to charge and discharge, high frequency, high power output, etc, and the battery energy density is high, but the principle of its own limits its lifespan, and charge discharge can cause irreversible to its wounds, and not environmental protection, but in not found alternative to such high energy density under the condition of energy storage component, the future for a long time is still a world of battery ( Lithium ion battery) Or even alternative fuels such as gasoline becomes the mainstream of auto kinetic energy oh. Relationship of the two is that the super capacitor can be high-power output, and to accept the advantages of large current charge and discharge with high energy density of battery for electric car battery life and energy efficiency improvement. In some need high power discharge and relatively higher energy can be used the super capacitor and battery used, give full play to the advantages of both. Super capacitor to when the battery is super capacitor can replace the battery, it is also a direction in the future. Super capacitor is based on the German physicist helmholtz proposed interface electric double layer theory on the basis of a new kind of capacitor. As is known to all, insert the two sides of the metal electrode surface and the liquid level in the electrolyte solution, there will be a symbol instead of excess charge so that alternate with potential difference is produced. So, if in the electrolyte and insert the two electrodes, and impose a less than in the electrolyte solution and the voltage breakdown voltage of the electrolyte in under the action of electric field in the positive and negative ions quickly toward the poles movement, and respectively in the two form close charge layer on the surface of the electrode, the electric double layer. Electric double layer capacitor resistance is larger compared to aluminum electrolytic capacitors, therefore, can be in charge directly, without load resistance of overvoltage charge if happen, electric double layer capacitor will open without damage to the device, this characteristic is different from aluminum electrolytic capacitor over voltage breakdown. At the same time, compared with rechargeable batteries, electric double layer capacitors can be unlimited flow charging, and charging times can reach more than 10 ^ 6 times, so the electric double layer capacitor not only have the characteristics of the capacitance, as well as the battery characteristics, is a kind of new special components between the battery and capacitor.
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