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What is the cause of the capacitance fever

by:SMiLer     2021-02-08
It can be said that almost all of the components will be fever, capacitance is not exceptional also, of course, but why is hot? Capacitance is a kind of energy storage component, have the capacity to store charge a components, its basic structure is composed of two pieces of the conductive plate and there are different among conductive plate medium composition, the working process of the capacitor can be understood as the process of charging and discharging, as a result, for it is the ideal capacitance don't consume energy. Capacitance can be equivalent to an ideal in series with the resistance, capacitance and inductance capacitance equivalent circuit diagram, the diagram below is among them: the resistance R is equivalent resistance and leakage current Resr is the equivalent series resistance, Lesl is equivalent series inductance, C is the capacitance, for any capacitance can be equivalent as such, this is because all capacitance is not ideal, capacitance with working frequency present different characteristics, the following figure, when in low frequency is capacitive, when resonance occurs, the minimum equivalent impedance, presenting perceptual with the increase of frequency. So among the internal capacitance can be understood as a Resr is pure resistance, that is, energy consumption, so if the current is too large, such as for electrolytic capacitor is the ripple current, if than allowing the limiting value of capacitance, then it will increase the capacitance of fever, capacitance will typically have a pressure value at the same time, therefore, if the capacitance fever, for three reasons: one is the ripple current is too large, another is pressure is too high, the last one is the outside temperature is too high, of course the possibility is small, a capacitor is in - scope of heat-resistant 40℃- - 105 ℃, if ripple current is too large, can be more than shunt capacitance to share the ripple circuit, if the pressure value is not enough can share the total voltage series multiple capacitor.
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