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What is the capacity MKP capacitor?

by:SMiLer     2021-03-08
Capacitance is a lot of important parts of the circuit and power equipment is essential. Due to the different requirements in the circuit, it is necessary to adopt different capacitance, therefore capacitance can be divided into many different types. Can according to the structure or the material and function division, and so on many factors. The MKP is one of them. What is MKP capacitor capacitance MKP is metallized polypropylene film capacitors, characterized by loss of small, non-inductive structure, the breakdown can heal itself. Suitable for high voltage, large current and high intensity of pulse circuit, such as switching power supply shocks, scanning pulse circuit, motor starting circuit, auto ignition circuit, A/D sampling keeping circuit, etc. The so-called MKP metallized polypropylene film capacitor is English abbreviations, on behalf of the capacitance of the material. Metallized polypropylene capacitor, which leads to the low loss, small inherent temperature rise, the capacity of negative temperature coefficient, excellent flame retardant properties. Widely used in high voltage high frequency pulse circuits, the TV flyback S correction and line of waveforms and display, electronic rectifier absorption and SCR rectifier circuit in the lighting circuit. For safety. Also useful to the RC buck, not only such, metallized capacitors using polypropylene as the medium, and vacuum evaporation method will be extremely winding aluminum deposition on the membrane, insulation coating, unidirectional lead, excellent, suitable for electronic devices such as dc and pulse circuits. There are many MKP capacitor and characteristics. Then the characteristics of this kind of capacitor. MKP capacitor adopts hermetic rectangular metal case, or on both sides of the belt at the bottom of the board, ceramic insulator. And take non-inductive winding method, therefore present a cylindrical metal aluminum shell, small size, light in weight. Relatively speaking, excellent, low dissipation, good self-healing. Not only that, internal pressure type explosion-proof device, equipped with the use of safe and reliable. Usually applies to the ac power system, especially for air conditioning compressor special capacitance and power factor automatic compensation assembly cabinet wattless situ compensator device, etc. CBB capacitance and MPK differences and usage of capacitance in circuit to demand higher, instead of the common polystyrene or mica capacitor CBB capacitance. This is mainly because compared with polystyrene capacitor CBB capacitance advantage on volume, less able to achieve the same performance. Internal electrical structure CBB22 series some manufacturers use aluminum film production, some use zinc aluminum membrane production. Using zinc aluminum film production and safety electrical capacitance. Characterized by dc withstand voltage ability under frequency have a problem is the problem frequencies. Induction cooker MKP capacitor with frequency ( 50千赫) Better, found in the electromagnetic induction half bridge circuit using the capacitance. The power output key is to see on the capacitor voltage ( Mainly a. c. ) Discretion to determine, dc voltage, frequency, power capacitors on work cannot be confused with the concept of load power high and low, can't give a power to generalize. To the problem of the frequency of many signs are 50 ~ 60 hz, but can also use some lines in 20 ~ 60 KHZ is higher, the difference is that under the condition of different frequency on the ac voltage of the high and low, mainly depends on the capacitor of the power not to exceed the standard value. If the temperature is higher than this condition, it shows that working power capacitor itself is larger, the two capacitors are prone to failure. MKP61 capacitance for the use of flame retardant casing and potting compound, its thermal insulation and heat dissipation performance is better than that of CBB22, if the location near the power transistor capacitance or other heating elements, use the MKP61 safer, if relatively far away from the heat source, use the CBB22 more economic. Through the study found that, capacitor close to the power transistor ( After the triode fever heat sink temperature over 115 ℃) on , using CBB22 capacitance prone to failure, while using MKP61 tend to be more safe. When we will capacitor with power transistor ( Heat source) After the distance increases, its CBB22 and MKP61 capacitor has no obvious difference. This paper from four aspects, for CBB capacitance and MPK in some aspects and usage for the distinction between, and way through calculation formula is given with examples, to help you learn more about the difference between these two kinds of capacitance. Believe that through the introduction of this article, to distinguish the concept of the two capacitors relatively obscure friend should be able to get a clear answer.
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