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What is capacitance/X/Y capacitors?

by:SMiLer     2022-01-12
What is capacitance/X/Y capacitors according to IEC 60384 - 14, and Y capacitance of the capacitor can be divided into X, 1. X capacitor refers to cross in L - N between the capacitor, 2. Y capacitor refers to cross in L - G/N- G between the capacitor. ( L =线,N =中立,G =地面) Under X capacitor is divided into X1, X2, X3, the main difference is that: 1. The X1 resistance to high pressure is greater than 2. 5 kV, less than or equal to 4 kV, 2. X2 high voltage less than or equal to 2. 5 kV, 3。 X3 high voltage less than or equal to 1. Under 2 kVY capacitance is divided into Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, the main difference is that: 1. Y1 resistance to high pressure is greater than 8 kV, 2. Y2 resistance to high pressure greater than 5 kV, 3. High-pressure Y3 n / 4 a. Y4 resistance to high pressure is greater than 2. 5 kVX, Y capacitor is capacitance, the line of fire between the zero line is X capacitor, is Y capacitance between the wire and ground. Two triode they use in the power filter, power filtering effect, respectively for common mode, differential mode interference filtering effect. Safety capacitance means used in such situations, the capacitor after failure, will not lead to electric shock, do not endanger personal safety. Safety capacitance safety level applications allow peak pulse voltage over-voltage level ( IEC664) X1> 2. 5 kv≤4。 0 kvⅢX2≤2。 5 kvⅡX3≤1。 2kV — — Safety capacitance safety grade insulation type rated voltage range double insulation or reinforced insulation Y1 Y2, 250 v or basic insulation or additional insulation or 150 v to 250 v or less Y3 basic insulation or additional insulation or 150 v to 250 v or less Y4 basic insulation or additional insulation & lt; 150 v Y capacitance of electric capacity must be restricted, so as to achieve control in the role of the rated frequency and rated voltage, the size of the flow through the leakage current and the purpose of the impact on the system EMC performance. The second triode, GJB151 Y capacitor capacity should not be greater than zero. 1uF。 Y capacitance in addition to conform to the corresponding grid voltage withstand voltage, also claim the capacitor in the electrical and mechanical performance has enough safety margin, avoid short-circuit phenomenon under extreme environmental conditions appear breakdown, Y capacitance pressure performance is of great significance for protecting the personal safety with X capacitor in the filter circuit, is jumper L - N line; Y capacitor is N - G string. On safety standards by pulse electric subsection X1, X2, X3 capacitance; According to the grades of insulation to Y1, Y2, Y3 to points. ( These are not by what material to points, study more in the future. ) As for the safety standards of each country have some difference, two triode, the rated voltage is 250 and 400. Each big manufacturer do safety capacitance is to meet the requirements of the safety standards, a safety capacitance can meet the requirements of Y capacitor, can meet the requirements of X capacitor. So some safety capacitance superscript X1Y1, X1Y2. 。 。 Wire and the zero line of indirect capacitance is X, and wire and ground wire of indirect a capacitor as a Y. Because the wire and the zero line capacitance directly, affected by the peak voltage, avoid the short circuit, comparison pay attention to the parameter is stress levels, two triode, there is no set limit on capacitance value. Wire and the ground capacitance to involve the issue of leakage safety directly, so it is pay attention to the parameters of the insulation class, too much capacity value capacitor will after a power outage to influence people to the device.
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