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What do you think monolithic capacitor value

by:SMiLer     2021-02-16
Monolithic capacitor how see value in electronic components products, in order to be easier to purchase, there will be a relevant identification, makes purchasing personnel can choose according to identify the required electronic components. Monolithic capacitor use frequency is higher in electronic components in recent years, the market sales are increasing. And that is more need for capacitance identification is accurate, it is necessary for the procurement staff know. Then through the introduction to monolithic capacitor value read let everybody have better understanding on the logo. Want to accurately know read monolithic capacitor value is correct, the first thing to understand the capacity of identification and related conversion unit. The capacity of the capacitor unit is: ( F) , micro method ( uf) Method, leather ( pf) 。 Usually we don't use the unit, because it is too big. The conversion relationship between the various units as follows: 1 f = 1000000 uf; 1uf=1000000pf 。 In use, but also often see units: nf. 1000年佛罗里达大学= 1 nf; 1 nf = 1000 pf。 Several methods of capacitor has a capacity of identity: a, direct identification: high voltage capacitor, volume 472, capacitance pressure 1 kv. Second, the unit using the nf: polyester capacitor, nominal 4 n7, namely 4. Converting 7 nf, pf is the 4700 pf. Three, mathematical notation: such as capacitance values, 104 capacity: 10 x10000pf = 0. 1uf. If the values 473, namely of 47 x1000pf = 0. 047uf。 ( At the back of the 4, 3, say how many power of 10) 。 Such as: 332 = 33 x100pf = 3300 pf. The use of capacitance, should be in the specified work under pressure. Now many of the quality of products, because use the pressure caused by insufficient capacitance failure ( Common capacitance burst) 。 These are read monolithic capacitor value identification method, master the basic identification method, can according to the analysis of a logo accurately read the value of the capacitance and related information. Monolithic monolithic capacitors capacitance method of identification for capacitance range: 0. 5 pf - - 1 uf pressure: 2 times rated voltage. Capacitor error precision value code identification method: capacitance error value A: - 0 + 5%﹑J:±5%、K:±10%﹑M:±20%、Z: - 20% + 50% condenser pressure value marking methods: capacitive pressure such as: 16 v, 25 v, 35 v, 50 v, 63 v, 100 v, 160 v, 250 v, 400 v, 630 v, 1000 v, 1250 v, 2000 v, 3000 v to a higher pressure, the actual capacitance some capacitor voltage value only write '1250' don't write 1250 v. The vertical condenser pressure outside the company said recognition methods: note: character code that effective number of English letters. English letters before the Arab figures show that the order of magnitude. 1 say 101-10, 2 said 10, 3 said 10 or 1000 of 100. Example: 2 j222j meaning is withstand voltage 630 v capacity of 2200 p plus or minus 5% accuracy in such as: 2 g473k meaning is withstand voltage 400 v capacitor has a capacity of 0. 047 mu f + / - 10% accuracy monolithic capacitors capacitance value recognition method, said: with power number 10 + 10 = 10 p101 10 + 0 = 100 p102 10 + 00 = 1000 p103 10 + 000 = 0. 01104 10 + 0000 = 0. 10 + 00000 = 1105 1 mu more wonderful reading: monolithic capacitors have is negative monolithic capacitance parameter _ monolithic capacitor and the difference between monolithic capacitors and electrolytic capacitor tantalum capacitor difference between monolithic capacitor fault judgment
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