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What do you think film capacitor size film capacitor what capacity

by:SMiLer     2022-01-08
Capacitance what size 1, capacitance in circuit of digital representation (with 'C' Such as C13 said Numbers for 13 capacitance) 。 Capacitor is made up of two pieces of metal film, close to the middle separated by insulating material and components. The characteristics of capacitance communication mainly blocking circulation. The size of the capacitance is said to store electrical energy, the size of the capacitance effect is called the capacitive reactance of ac signal, it is associated with the frequency of the ac signal and capacitance. Capacitive reactance XC = 1/2 PI f c ( F is the frequency of the ac signal, capacitance C said) Telephone is commonly used in electrolytic capacitor, the kinds of ceramics capacitors, SMD capacitors, monolithic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, polyester capacitors, etc. 2, recognition methods: identification method of capacitance and resistance identification method of basic same, straight standard method, three kinds of color standard method and standard method. The basic unit of capacitance with ferrari, F) Said the other units are: milli method ( mF) , micro method ( uF) ,,, nF) , leather method ( pF) 。 Including 1: ferrari = 103 = 106 micro method = 109 = 1012 skin method of large capacity capacitance on capacitance directly to mark its capacity values, such as 10 uF / 16 v capacity small capacitance of the capacity value with letters or Numbers on the capacitance letter notation: 1 m = 1000 uF p2 = 1. 2 pf 1: n = 1000 pf digital representation commonly used three figures show that the size, the former two significant figures, said the third digit ratio. Table 3, capacitance error operator F G J K L M allowed error of plus or minus 1% plus or minus 2% plus or minus 5% plus or minus 10% plus or minus 15% plus or minus 20% film capacitor size what rated voltage under rated minimum environmental temperature and environmental temperature can add continuously in the highest dc capacitor voltage RMS, generally marked on the capacitor shell directly, if the working voltage over the capacitor pressure, condenser breakdown, caused irreparable damage. Dc voltage and insulation resistance on the capacitance, and leakage current, the ratio of the two called insulation resistance. Like ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, insulation resistance is bigger is good, insulation resistance, such as aluminum electrolytic capacitor is as small as possible. Capacitance of the time constant: to properly evaluate the insulation in large capacity and time constant is introduced, he is equal to the product of the capacitance of the insulation resistance and capacity. Capacitance loss under the effect of electric field, the internal energy consumed by a fever in unit time is called loss. All kinds of capacitance specifies its loss value in a certain frequency range, the wastage of the capacitance is mainly composed of dielectric loss, loss of conductance and capacitance all caused by the resistance of the metal parts. Under the effect of dc field, the loss of capacitor to leakage loss of form, usually small, under the action of alternating electric field, the capacitance loss is not only related to the leak guide, and associated with periodic polarization process. Frequency characteristics with higher frequency, the general presented down the laws of the temperature coefficient of capacitance of a capacitor in a certain temperature range, temperature per 1 ℃, relative change of capacitance value. Temperature coefficient as small as possible. Commonly used formula formula of parallel plate capacitor C = epsilon S / 4 PI kd sample film capacitor parameters: CBB21 155 k / 250 vcbb21 models for metallized film capacitor, belongs to the category, for polypropylene film capacitors; And as CL23, polyester film capacitors; 155 representative capacity, this notation is 'three approach', which is 155 = 15 * 10 ( 5) pF = 1。 5 uf, 10 (note: 5) = 10 five power; K( - / + 10%) On behalf of the capacitor capacity level, general and G ( - / + 2%) H ( - / + 3%) J ( - / + 5%) K ( - / + 10%) ,( - / + 20%) ; 250 said the rated voltage of capacitor, when using, need not exceed this value ( Capacitor manufacturer general design leave allowance, but I don't recommend more than rated voltage) ; V voltage unit, which has two kinds of ac and dc, the dc voltage 250 V.
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