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What are the properties of super capacitor?

by:SMiLer     2021-01-10
Super capacitor in the super capacitor is also called or electric double layer capacitor, electrochemical capacitor is a new type of energy storage device, which USES electric double layer on the surface of the electrode/electrolyte interface or occur on the electrode interface rapid and reversible REDOX reactions to store energy.
the performance characteristics of super capacitor is super capacitor between capacitor and battery energy storage device, it has the characteristics of the capacitor can be fast charge and discharge, and electrochemical battery energy storage mechanism, performance comparison as bellow. Super capacitor as a new energy device, has the following main advantages: ( 1) High power density of super capacitor resistance is very small, and the electrode/solution interface and internal electrode material ontology are able to achieve fast charge storage and release, so the output power density as high as several kw/kg, is unmatched by any kind of chemical power source, is the general battery of dozens of times. ( 2) Charge and discharge cycle long life in the process of charging and discharging only ions and super capacitor charge transfer, no phase change caused by the electrochemical reaction between, so the capacity of almost no attenuation, cycle life can be put into more than once, is greater than that of battery charging and discharging cycle life. ( 3) Charging time is short from now to make super capacitor charging test results, when the current density of 7 ma/cm2 ( Equivalent to common battery charging current density) Only 10 to 12 minutes, the charging time and the battery in such a short time is unable to achieve full charge. ( 4) Special power density and moderate energy density for ordinary battery, if the energy density is high, its power density not too high; And high power density, its energy density is not too high. But super capacitor in 1 ~ 5 kw/kg of high power density output at the same time, the energy density can reach 5 ~ 20 wh/kg. If and battery combination rises, it will be for a both high energy density and high power density of the output energy storage system. ( 5) After long storage life of the super capacitor charging of the storage process, although there is also a small leakage current, but this occurred in the migration of ions or protons movement within the super capacitor was produced under the action of electric field, and no chemical or electrochemical reaction, the electrode material in the electrolyte is relatively stable, so the super capacitor storage life is almost unlimited. ( 6) Super capacitor can be in wide working temperature range 50 ~ + 75 ℃ temperature under the working conditions, performance is superior to the traditional capacitor and battery. Super capacitor application of super capacitor pulsed power performance, long product life, to the characteristics of reliable operation in extreme temperature environment, entirely suitable for those who need a fraction of a second to a few minutes of a repeat of the electricity pulse application products, making it a transport, renewable energy, industrial and consumer electronics and other products the first choice of energy storage and power transmission solutions, such as electric cars, 电动汽车/亨德拉病毒) , war industry, railway, aviation, electric bicycle, backup power supply, power generation, Wind power, solar power) , communications, consumer electronics and entertainment, signal monitoring, etc in the field of power applications has broad market prospects. In recent years, due to the energy problem and environmental protection requirements, the world's demand for electric cars and hybrid cars become more and more urgent, the electric car is a key part of the battery, but the peak power of the battery characteristics can not meet the car in the starting, acceleration and climbing demand for power and other special circumstances. Super capacitor in the electric car and battery for the application of the auxiliary power supply in parallel can make up for the inadequacy of battery in power features. When the car was going at a normal state, the super capacitor in the charging state, in the speed or load grade special circumstances by the super capacitor to achieve high power discharge, sudden braking, by super capacitor charging high power absorption process of braking energy. The use of the super capacitor can meet the electric car when starting, braking and climbing demand for high power discharge, have the effect of storage battery load balance, can prolong the service life of battery.
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