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What are the main types of the purpose of the capacitance?

by:SMiLer     2022-01-09
What are the main types of the purpose of the capacitance? Role in is to prevent dc dc: through and through communication. The bypass ( Decoupling) : for some components in parallel to provide low impedance in ac circuit pathways. Filter: this is essential to DIY capacitance basic on the graphics card is this role. Temperature compensation: in view of the other components of the effects of temperature adaptability is not enough, and compensation, to improve the stability of the circuit. Timing: capacitor and resistor, determine the time constant of the circuit. Tuning: the related to frequency tuning circuit system, such as mobile phones, radios, televisions. Rectification: on or off at the predetermined time half closed conductor switch components. Storage: store electricity, used for must be released. The camera flash light, for example, heating equipment, etc. ( Now some capacitor energy storage level is close to the level of lithium-ion batteries, storage of electricity of a capacitor can be for the use of a mobile phone for a day.
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