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What are the influence film capacitor performance reasons

by:SMiLer     2021-02-23
A common cause of influence film capacitor one, use the cause of the problem in 1. Run early exit phase-shifting capacitor high voltage capacitor of power loss is proportional to the square of the and calorific value and operating voltage, operating voltage, the rise of temperature increased significantly, the capacitor in the long term, under the action of electric field accelerates capacitor insulation aging 2. Operating overvoltage caused the damage of the capacitor to cut off the parallel capacitor group, may cause oscillation process of inductor, a capacitor circuit. To produce operating overvoltage, cutting process, if the circuit breaker arc reigniting, will cause strong electromagnetic oscillation, a higher overvoltage value. The amplitude of overvoltage, and were related to the size of the capacitor capacitance and busbar side, also with the arc reigniting when the potential difference between contact. 3. Take charge caused by switching capacitor blasting any rated voltage of capacitor Banks, closing shall be forbidden to take charge. Every time to switch capacitor group, must be conducted in the switch capacitor discharge after 3 min. Second, the operating temperature is too high causes the damage of the phase-shift capacitor 1. The environment temperature is too high the current YY type YL and phase-shift capacitor department press a 25 to ambient air temperature The design of 40 C. Environmental temperature does not exceed 40 'C, in many parts of our country to be enough. Therefore, the new type of low voltage reactive power compensation device, the ambient air temperature is regard as a 30 - 55 C design. 2. Outdoor condenser outdoor installing solar and direct illuminate the phase-shift capacitor on the substation or power distribution lines, because under direct sunlight, due to overtemperature operation. Years of damage rate is very high, some can be up to 10%. Especially in the installed in outdoor iron distribution box, heat dissipation, damage rates were particularly high in summer. Suddenly under the heavy rain, in the hot weather will damage. 3. Ventilation cooling less than three, the influence of the network from the subharmonic 1. The capacitor group running current and output reactive power, greatly exceed the rating. 2. When the power supply voltage waveform in one harmonic frequency. Close to the network of natural frequency, the harmonic resonance overvoltage may be produced four, switch equipment performance of absence made capacitor when removed, if not when the switch is not renewed, open circuit over-voltage is produced. Also won't produce current. Improve the ability of switch for capacitive current is to reduce the accidents and prolonging the service life of the capacitor is an important aspect. Affect the cause of the film capacitor size film capacitor size depends on the size of the metal thin film layer area, so the capacity of the decline is mainly metal coating influenced by external factors, area is reduced. In the process of capacitor production, film layer between the trace of the air, and more difficult to eliminate. Capacitor is working, under the effect of electric field, the air may be ionized. After ionizing air to produce ozone, ozone is a kind of volatile gas, room temperature is decomposed into oxygen by oneself, is a kind of strong oxidizer, low concentrations can be instantaneous. Metallized film metal coating ( Ingredients for zinc/Al) Met immediately after ozone decomposition of oxygen oxidation, the transparent conductive metal oxide ZnO and Al2O3, actual performance is plate size is reduced, capacitor capacity declined. Therefore to eliminate or reduce the membrane layer between air, can slow the electric capacity attenuation. When air is between the film outside water intrusion, the breakdown voltage of air can reduce, to speed up the air ionization, produce a large amount of ozone, metal coating, metal oxide film capacitor capacity drops rapidly.
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