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What are the cause of the temperature too high capacitor runtime

by:SMiLer     2021-01-28
Capacitor running the cause of the high temperature 1, due to the condenser chamber design is not reasonable, lead to high temperature of the condenser chamber temperature. 2, capacitor layout density is too large, poorly ventilated. 3 overcurrent, overvoltage caused by capacitor. 4, capacitors internal defects, dielectric loss increased after aging, increase calorific value. Too serious, recommend replacing cook cooper power capacitor. Power capacitor running the cause of the high temperature part 1, insulation aging capacitors can grow as the running time and appear insulation aging phenomenon, when the insulation aging reaches a certain value, the electric power capacitor running temperature rise significantly. 2, environmental reasons if there is a large number of harmonic power capacitor using environment, will cause capacitor internal overcurrent phenomenon, resulting in condenser operating temperature increased, that allowed to run the environment power capacitor operating temperature is too high. 3, spacing capacitor because of the current internal needs itself will there is a rising phenomenon, so need to keep a certain distance between capacitor and capacitor is used for cooling, if the distance between the capacitor is too small, can't timely heat out, resulting in a certain heat, when the capacitor operating temperature range, the calories can cause power capacitor operating temperature is too high. Power compensation capacitor is the cause of the high temperature, operation temperature higher than 70 ℃, power capacitor can appear easily drum abdomen, the phenomenon such as fire, explosion. 1) overvoltage can lead to a condenser operating temperature tall if electric power capacitor is used in overvoltage conditions and for a long time, can lead to increased power capacitor internal temperature rise. (2) harmonic cause high temperature when the capacitor operation of power system harmonics, harmonic power also can make the operation of the power capacitor temperature. Two more than 50 ℃, environment temperature, power capacitor can heat ageing, reduce the service life of the capacitor. Capacitance compensation cabinet design is not reasonable to environment temperature tall if capacitance compensation ark, the spacing between two capacitors is too small, the heat generated by the electric power capacitor runtime will influence each other, eventually lead to the environment temperature is higher than 50 ℃, the service life of power capacitor are affected. (2) no ventilation cooling device can lead to environment temperature tall if the enterprise is not near the transformer room ventilation cooling equipment, will also result in operating temperature above 50 ℃.
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