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What are the advantages of super capacitor?

by:SMiLer     2021-03-13
As a new product of capacitor, super capacitor is presented to show the advantages of a outweigh the disadvantages. ( 1) Advantages of super capacitor is ordinary capacitance device upgrade, in the early of capacitor to multiple aspects of improvement. Main advantages in: (1) the electric capacity: early use of conventional capacitors, capacitance smaller storage capacity, can only meet the demand of small load circuit. And super capacitor capacitance level to ferrari, appropriate to more complex circuit operation needs. (2) circuit: super capacitor to the requirements of the circuit structure is low, do not need to set up a special charging circuit, control discharge circuit, and the use time of capacitor will not affected by the overcharge, discharge. (3) : welding capacitors to welding, when installing a super capacitor can be according to the need for welding processing, prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon such as the battery contact undesirable, improve the performance of the use of the capacitor element. ( 2) Faults through the performance test of super capacitor, the author found that the new capacitor also has shortcomings. Leakage, such as: (1) : super capacitor installation position is not reasonable, easy to cause the problem such as electrolyte leakage, damage the structure of capacitor performance. (2) circuit: super capacitor is limited to the use of dc, this is because compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitor, super capacitor resistance is bigger, not suitable for the operation requirements of ac circuits. 3. Price: because the super capacitor is a new generation of high-tech products, its just to the market prices are relatively high, increase the cost of the equipment operation.
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