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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the super capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-01-11
Capacitor is the commonly used electronic devices, the storage charge has been widely used in many electronic devices. Due to the rapid development of industry technology in the new period, the early circuit structure is gradually replaced by the more complex circuit form, ordinary capacitor has already can't satisfy the needs of the running of the circuit. In order to meet the needs of the running of high load and overload circuit, domestic began to promote the use of super capacitor, this kind of device in performance is more superior than conventional capacitor. The super capacitor characteristics ( 1) Fast charging and charge to 10 seconds to 10 minutes can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity; ( 2) Circulation service life is long, the depth of the charge and discharge cycle times can reach 1 ~ 500000 times, no memory effect; ( 3) Large current discharge capacity, high energy conversion efficiency, process losses small, large current energy cycle efficiency & ge; 90%; ( 4) High power density, which may reach 300 w/w/KG to 5000 KG, the equivalent of 5 ~ 10 times of the battery; ( 5) Product raw material, production, use, storage and process are no pollution, is an ideal green environmental protection power source; ( 6) Charge and discharge circuit is simple, without charging battery charging circuit, high safety coefficient, the long-term use of free maintenance; ( 7) Good cryogenic properties, wide temperature range 40℃~+70℃; ( 8) Convenient detection, remaining power can be read directly; ( 9) Capacity is usually range is 0. 1 f - - 1000 f。 Super capacitor advantages and disadvantages of super capacitor in use process every aspect is not superior, this requires the use of the super capacitor can skilled grasp the advantages and disadvantages of the device. Limited to manufacturing technologies, our country still exist in the use of the super capacitor installation, debugging, etc. A lot of equipment fault caused by the blind use of super capacitor, influence the exertion of the whole equipment performance. As a new product of capacitor, super capacitor is presented to show the advantages of a outweigh the disadvantages. ( 1) Advantages of super capacitor is ordinary capacitance device upgrade, in the early of capacitor to multiple aspects of improvement. 1, the early use of conventional capacitors, capacitance capacitor storage capacity is small, can only meet the demand of small load circuit. And super capacitor capacitance level to ferrari, appropriate to more complex circuit operation needs. 2, super capacitor circuit for the requirement of the circuit structure is low, do not need to set up a special charging circuit, control discharge circuit, and the capacitor used time won't be affected by the overcharge, discharge. 3, welding capacitors to welding, when installing a super capacitor can be according to the need for welding processing, prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon such as the battery contact undesirable, improve the performance of the use of the capacitor element. ( 2) Faults through the performance test of super capacitor, there are also shortcomings found that this new type of capacitor. Such as: 1, the leakage of the super capacitor installation position is not reasonable, easy to cause the problem such as electrolyte leakage, damage the structure of capacitor performance. 2, the super capacitor is limited to the use of dc circuits, this is because compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitor, super capacitor resistance is bigger, not suitable for the operation requirements of ac circuits. 3, efficiency, energy density is not high, for a long time discharge efficiency than batteries. 4, the price is due to the super capacitor is a new generation of high-tech products, its just to the market prices are relatively high, increase the cost of the equipment operation. Conclusion: domestic is the conventional capacitors are used for a long time, it consists of two electrodes close and mutually insulated conductors, used to store electric charge, power electronic components. Super capacitor electric double layer capacitors, now is a new device to store electrical energy. From a physical point of view, the super capacitor with the charging time is short, long operation time and temperature control effect is good, strong environmental performance, etc. Now, super capacitor is widely used in large current, data backup, hybrid cars and other fields. But for portable gadgets need large energy density, the super capacitor is still trapped in the problem of energy density is not high, who all don't want to carry a never charging treasure to take to the streets, you can't get rid of the super capacitor is with this kind of problem. Maybe you can't use the super capacitor cell phone now, but in the future, who said a good time!
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