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Wear core capacitance _ in the form of core applications

by:SMiLer     2021-01-20
Wear core capacitor core capacitance of the inductance capacitor is much smaller than the ordinary, so it since the resonant frequency is very high. At the same time, its wear core type design, can effectively prevent the high frequency signal from the input end is directly coupled to the output end. The combination of the Lao low resistance, in 1 GHZ frequency range, can provide very good inhibitory effect. The simplest wear core structure is composed of internal and external electrode and ceramic a ( C) Capacitance (or two Pi type) 。 This kind of capacitor has a capacity of up to 10 pf, working voltage can reach DC2000V. Core tube wear capacitors because of its coaxial, even in 10 GHZ, also won't produce obvious resonance. Wear core capacitance type 1, in the form of C it is a way of avoiding the high frequency noise low to the ground from the sensor, low cost, suitable for use in a high impedance source and high load situations 2, L this is a kind of wear with inductive components and capacitor elements core capacity, which is used to a low impedance source and high impedance load in the circuit. Note: the inductance components should be geared to the needs of low impedance source. 3、Pi( π) Pi ( π) Type is made up of two components and the two capacitors components between a inductance components, the impedance of the source and load are characterized by low impedance. Pi( π) Type structure compared with C, L structure, high frequency filter can provide better. 4, T T is made up of two inductance components and between the two inductive components of a capacitive element, the impedance of the source and load are characterized by high impedance. T structure compared with C, L structure, high frequency filter can provide better. Capacitance application 1 wear core, the dc insulation: the role is to prevent dc through and through communication, bypass (2 Decoupling) : for ac circuit of some components in parallel to provide low impedance circuit: 3, coupling for the connection between the two circuits, allows the ac signal through and transmitted to the next level 4, filtering circuit, this is very important for DIY, the capacitance of the basic on the graphics card is the role of 5, temperature compensation, according to the effects of other components to temperature adaptability is not enough, and compensation, to improve the stability of the circuit, timing: capacitor and resistor, determine the time constant of the circuit in July and tuning: tuning circuit of frequency related systems, such as mobile phones, radios, televisions, 8, rectifier, at a predetermined time switch on or off half closed conductor element, energy storage: store electricity, used for must be released
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