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Use _ mica capacitor characteristics of mica capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-03-05
Mica capacitor type according to different mica plate fixation methods and have different structure of capacitor. Type clip molding mica capacitor core group of the lower level is to protect the piece, the middle is silver mica sheet and interlaced in each layer of lead foil between the mica sheet. Idea to good core group by bending foil, encase and fixed core group, and then ends mount clip wire, namely capacitor two electrodes, finally sealed the bakelite shell. Wear heart-shaped mica capacitor heart-shaped mica capacitor has a button, the button monolithic type species, etc. From the center and cylindrical electrode, finally add protective layer outside the core group. Type monolithic mica capacitor in the silver is both sides of the mica sheet printing asymmetric electrode to the end, the two surfaces of the laminated core group was silver welding wire. Mica capacitor mica capacitor has the following characteristics: (1) capacity range is not wide, usually between 10 to 51000 pf. (2) high stability, high reliability and high precision capacitor can also be made. (3) the inherent inductance is small, not easy ageing, stable frequency characteristic, is one of the excellent performance of high frequency capacitor. 4. High insulation resistance, generally can reach 1000 ~ 7500 m Ω. (5) good temperature characteristic, using the environment temperature is in commonly - 55 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ within 6 small dielectric loss, loss tangent value is commonly ( 5 ~ 30) X 10 to the minus 4 power. 7) the price is more expensive, in recent years gradually replaced by ceramic capacitor and organic film capacitor. The purpose of the mica capacitor mica capacitor is suitable for the frequency 50 hz ( 60Hz) The ac power supply and safety of single-phase motor starting and operation of the high performance requirements. Because of mica with high electrical insulation, good transparency, excellent can peel resistance, high chemical stability, good reducibility, and in high temperature conditions can keep the excellent physical and chemical properties, and it mainly as a kind of very important insulating materials are widely used in electronics, machinery, telecommunications, electrical appliances, aviation, transportation, instrumentation, metallurgy, building materials, light industry and other industries, and national defense and cutting-edge industries.
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