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Thin film capacitor is broken?

by:SMiLer     2022-01-08
Judge film capacitor method is as follows: 1) First look at the appearance, have appearance, thin film capacitor is likely to have problems. 2) Multimeter resistance test film electric feet should be a very high value, if there is a capacitance meter, whether measured capacitance value is consistent with shell marked. 3) The normal temperature test performance, including capacity, loss, insulation resistance, pressure situation and ESR, and so on. Special need to capacitor which aspects of performance is the key test which aspects. 4) Do simulation life test. Room temperature to normal test performance have no questions, it remains to be seen whether life can last. 5) Choose reputable capacitor manufacturers. 6) If use can not high demand from the market to buy some common, oneself do kao machine test, passed, you can rest assured use. 7) Film capacitor is with metal foil as the electrode, and poly (ethyl ester, polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate plastic film from overlapping ends after the capacitor winding into the structure of the cylinder. And depending on the species of plastic film is called ethyl poly capacitance respectively, polypropylene capacitor, polystyrene and poly carbonate capacitors. Film capacitor is gradually improve utilization rate of a capacitor in recent years, so we inspection and handling method about film capacitor is to understand clearly. Film capacitor working principle of film capacitor, working principle and general capacitor is by storing electrical energy storage charge on the electrodes, usually used together with the inductor form LC oscillation circuit, working principle of the capacitor is charge in electric field force and movement, as a medium between conductors, has hindered the charge mobile makes the accumulated charge on the conductor and cause the accumulation of charge storage. Note: the use of film capacitor A) Working voltage selection of film capacitor depends on the highest voltage applied, and the applied voltage waveform, current waveform, frequency, ambient temperature, Capacitor surface temperature) , the influence of factors such as the capacitance. Before use, please check at the ends of the capacitor voltage waveform, current waveform and frequency is within the rating. ( 2) Pulse electric current through the capacitor (work Or communication) Current is equal to the capacitance C and voltage increase rate of the product, because the capacitor loss, under the condition of high frequency or high pulse when used by pulse capacitor ( Or communication) Current can make the condenser heat and temperature rise, there will be risk of thermal breakdown. Therefore, capacitor safety conditions of use not only restricted by the rated voltage, and restricted by the rated current. When actual working current waveform and the waveform is not at the same time, given the general case of polyester film capacitor in the internal temperature of 10 ℃ or less under the condition of use; Polypropylene film capacitors in internal temperature rise to 5 ℃ or less use, under the condition of the condenser surface temperature are not allowed to exceed the maximum rated temperature. ( 3) The effective value of various waveform conversion relation ( 4) Depends on the capacitance of capacitor charging and discharging the capacitor charge and discharge current and voltage rise rate of the product, even if it is low voltage to charge and discharge, may also produce large moment of charge and discharge current, which can cause damage to the performance of capacitor. When the charge, please series a 20 & Omega; / V ~ 1000Ω / V or higher current limiting resistor, will charge and discharge current limit within the prescribed scope. If there is a short circuit capacitor charge and discharge phenomenon, please in its list of bad product range, shall not be used. ( 5) Flame retardant although outside the film capacitor encapsulation were used in the refractory combustion flame retardant materials epoxy resin or shell, but outside of the continuous high temperature or flame can still be core deformation produced by the capacitor encapsulation is broken, and led to the condenser core melting or burning. ( 6) The environment temperature capacitor rated using standard temperature is 85 ℃. When the temperature of the condenser actually use more than the rated temperature ( At the highest use temperature range) The capacitor voltage rating will reduce along with the rise of temperature. In terms of cost, film capacitance series-parallel easily, low cost, and electrolytic capacitor exist the possibility of explosion, increase the cost; In terms of safety, film capacitors are non-polarity, affected by the environment is small, the electrolytic capacitor is polarity, in the process of use is influenced by the environment.
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