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Thin film capacitor how bad

by:SMiLer     2021-01-16
A 1 film capacitor quality detection method. Capacitor and power on, if connected moments don't swing of pointer multimeter, explain capacitor failure or open circuit. If the clock has instructed the power supply voltage, but I don't swing, show that capacitor has a short circuit. If the clock oscillation is normal, but do not return to zero, capacitor have leakage phenomenon. As indicated by the higher the voltage, suggests that the greater the leakage power. 2. Auxiliary dc voltage used in the measurement of small capacity capacitor can't exceed of condenser pressure, so as to avoid damage of capacitor breakdown caused by measurement. Should be used to accurately measure the capacity of the capacitor capacitance bridge or Q meter. The simple detection method, can only roughly judge of pressure gauge capacitor. 3. Large capacity of fixed capacitor available multimeters resistance ( R×1000) The motion of the two measuring capacitor electrodes, look at the clock, swing, the greater the suggests that the greater the capacitance of a capacitor. If the test bar of touching shock container fuses, whose hands should be near the up, otherwise, show that the capacitor have leakage phenomenon, its resistance value is smaller, shows that the leakage power, the greater the capacitor quality is poor. 4. When checking the stand or fall of capacitor, electrolytic capacitor of low pressure resistance should be on R * 100 or R * 1 k file, and take the red pens and capacitor of the negative side, the black pens and joint was end, multimeter pointer will swing at this moment, and then back to zero or near zero, so that the quality of the electrolytic capacitor is qualified. The greater the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor, the longer the charge time, pointer swing are more slowly. Method 2 under the condition of no special instrument, the stand or fall of capacitor can use multimeter resistance and quality testing, and judgment. Large capacity ( More than 1 u F) Fixed capacitor available multimeters resistance ( R×1000) Two measuring capacitor electrodes, whose hands should swing towards the direction of the resistance is small, then slowly back to the place near to up. Exchange test bar to try again, then look at the clock swing, swing, suggests that the greater the capacitance of a capacitor. If the test bar of touching shock container fuses, whose hands should be near the up, otherwise, show that the capacitor have leakage phenomenon, its resistance value is smaller, shows that the leakage power, the greater the poor quality of capacitor; Whose hands don't move, such as in the measurement shows that the capacitor is failure or circuit; If the clock oscillation, but can not be returned to the starting point, indicates capacitor leakage power is larger, the poor quality. Three must first cut off the test circuit of capacitance method, then release the high-voltage capacitor first, then after the circuit to measure the rectifier filter capacitance ( Or have a big resistance on both ends of the other circuit) Such as circuit design. If it cannot determine the capacitance in circuit measurement can measure. Methods four electrolytic capacitor of capacitance usually use multimeter R x 10 x 100 x 1 k and R, R is measured. Red and black pen connected with capacitor anode ( Capacitors should be in before each test discharge) Quality available needle of capacitor is placed to judge. If the needle to the right, then slowly back to the left, a capacitor is usually good. If you don't swing swing after the needle, means that the capacitor has been disconnected. If a needle is placed after the needle swing back to a particular location, indicates capacitor have leakage. If you don't swing needles, means that the electrolytic capacitor has dried up and lost capacity. Film capacitor using the error and the viscosity of the solution under low temperature inside of impregnant, internal voltage is reduced, capacitor electric resistance ability. In the capacitor in the operation of the heat, can send out in time, reduce the medium temperature of the capacitor inside, can achieve the goal of extending the service life of the capacitor actual. In the power points container group, if the circuit breaker heavy breakdown, the capacitor terminals will appear three times, five times and seven times. 。 。 。 High-expansion operating overvoltage, capacitor internal partial discharge of strong and medium damage occurs, cause the capacitor breakdown. Used for the quality of the circuit breaker capacitor, and the actual service life of the capacitor are closely related. Specified in the national standard, adopt suitable for suit capacitor circuit breaker, the circuit breaker in the breaker operation, does not occur may cause excessive over-voltage breakdown '. So in order to prevent too large inrush current and overvoltage, capacitor after retiring from the network, the capacitor discharge in a timely manner. The capacitor again before running into power grid, the residual voltage on the capacitors should not exceed 10% of its rated voltage.
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