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The x2 safety capacitor measurement is good or bad

by:SMiLer     2021-03-08
X2 safety capacitance measurement quality safety means used in such situations, the capacitor failure after, will not cause electric shock, do not endanger personal safety. Y of the capacitance in addition to conform to the corresponding grid voltage withstand voltage, also claim the capacitor in the electrical and mechanical properties have enough safety margin, avoid short-circuit phenomenon under extreme environmental conditions appear breakdown, Y capacitance pressure performance is of great significance for protecting the personal safety. The importance of safety capacitor, so how to detect the stand or fall of the x2 safety capacitor? Under the condition of no special instrument, the stand or fall of safety capacitor can use multimeter resistance and quality testing, and judgment. Large capacity ( More than 1 u F) Fixed capacitor available multimeters resistance ( R×1000) Two measuring capacitor electrodes, whose hands should swing towards the direction of the resistance is small, then slowly back to the place near to up. Exchange test bar to try again, then look at the clock swing, swing, suggests that the greater the capacitance of a capacitor. If the test bar of touching shock container fuses, whose hands should be near the up, otherwise, show that the capacitor have leakage phenomenon, its resistance value is smaller, shows that the leakage power, the greater the poor quality of capacitor; Whose hands don't move, such as in the measurement shows that the capacitor is failure or circuit; If the clock oscillation, but can not be returned to the starting point, indicates capacitor leakage power is larger, the poor quality. Pressure gauge for small capacity safety capacitor, use a multimeter to measure often don't see the clock oscillation, at this time, can use a plus measure dc voltage and dc voltage with a multimeter, namely the multimeter transferred to the corresponding dc voltage, negative ( Black) Test bar to dc power negative, positive ( Red) Test bar after the capacitor being measured at one end, the other end to connect power to the anode. A good performance of safety capacitor in the moment of turning on the power supply, multimeter whose hands should have large swing; Whose hands of capacitor capacity is larger, the swing is, the greater the wobble, the clock will gradually return to zero. Vice represents safety capacitor failure. The above detection method can be rough on safety capacitance is good or bad judgment. Safety capacitor quality from the source control right. Choosing safety capacitor manufacturer looking for formal, have safety certification of the original factory, quality assurance, and can assist with all aspects. The x2 safety capacitor testing details including those in certain cases, the x2 safety capacitor detection is necessary. Is, after all, for this kind of capacitor has a certain security products, also can ensure safety performance after the failure, so it is critical for testing and related test. So at the time of testing which details need to be? Common x2 safety capacitance testing mainly includes the following several: voltage withstand test - — Withstand voltage test on the product side and ground power supply circuit, to impose a state of high voltage and measuring its collapse. The essence of withstand voltage test is on electrical products tested this applying for a period of time no connection between the two parts of the same frequency of high pressure, to test whether the insulation breakdown. Ground fault protection testing - — Testing can contact whether there is indeed grounding in areas such as the metal body. To test, can detect the ground screw does not tighten, ground wire diameter is too small, grounding line open circuit and other issues. Insulation resistance test -- - — For nondestructive testing insulation resistance testing, and can detect whether the insulation is good, in some specifications, insulation resistance tests first and electric pressure test, and insulation impedance test cannot pass, and tend to withstand voltage test could pass. Leakage current test - — Measurement must be used when the human body the MD simulation circuitry, parallel voltmeter, the MD in accordance with the different product safety standards have different lines of human body simulation, and the input voltage test voltage for the most unfavorable, general for rated voltage upper limit for the test voltage. The x2 safety capacitor testing mainly includes the details of that's all. Tested according to these details are correct, it is high quality, safety capacitance can be at ease use, to ensure the safety of use. Reducing because using inferior safety capacity and cause many problems in the process of use. 。
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