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The wiring diagram explanation parallel capacitor group

by:SMiLer     2021-02-23
What is the connection of capacitor parallel capacitor group is usually divided into triangles and star in two ways. In addition, there are double triangles and double star. 1, take direct line to line voltage of capacitor, the connection of any a capacitor were breakdown due to the fault, forming two phase short circuit, fault current is very big, if the fault cannot be quickly removed, fault current and arc will make the dielectric breakdown produces gas, the fuel tank explosion, and spread to neighboring capacitor. So this connection has been seldom used in 10 kv system, is used in a 380 v power distribution system. In the power grid, y connection of capacitor Banks is widely used at home and abroad at present. Y connection of capacitor electrode voltage, phase voltage of the grid is of low insulation withstand voltage, the capacitor manufacturing design can choose low field strength. When the capacitor in the group have a capacitor for breakdown when short circuit fault, due to the rest of the two sound impedance limits, fault current will reduce to a certain range, and relieve fault effect. Y connection of capacitor group structure is simple, clear, economic construction costs, when applied to a higher voltage class, this kind of connection. Y connection the biggest advantage is can choose a variety of protection mode. A capacitor breakdown after short circuit fault, the protection of a single fuse fault capacitor can be quickly removed, from capacitor explosion. Due to the above advantages, various voltage grades of high voltage capacitor Banks is now widely used y connection. High voltage power system of capacitor Banks in addition to the widespread adoption of star connection, double star connection is widely used at home and abroad. Capacitor, on average, the so-called double star connection, is divided into two equal capacitance or similar y connection capacitor group, parallel bus to the power grid, two groups of capacitor between neutral after a low ratio of current transformer is connected. And the star is derived by the double star connection. Each star known as an arm, two arms, capacitance, and equal number of capacitor specifications, its connection as shown in figure 9 5 and FIG. 9 6. Parallel capacitor group of each single phase wiring parallel capacitor can not meet the requirement of the normal work of the power grid voltage, rated voltage, the need is composed of two or more capacitor series, meet the needs of the normal work of the power grid voltage. To meet the requirements of the reactive power compensation capacity and need several sets of capacitors in parallel to form a parallel capacitor group. Parallel capacitor group each phase after the internal wiring principle is the first parallel series connection. The connection mode advantage is that when a failure due to fuse fusing capacitor exit after the operation, the phase change smaller capacity, fault capacitor in parallel with other changes in the working voltage of capacitor under small also.
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