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The use of capacitor method and the matters needing attention

by:SMiLer     2021-02-03
Use method and matters needing attention of capacitor (1) before the capacitor use, deal with capacitor quality check, just in case do not conform to the requirements of capacitor load circuit. (2) when designing component installation, should make the capacitor away from heat source, otherwise it will make the capacitor premature aging temperature was too high. In the installation of small capacity capacitor and high frequency circuit of capacitor, stents will capacitor should be adopted in order to, in order to reduce the influence of distributed capacitance on the circuit. (3) the electrolytic capacitor into circuit, it is important to note that the polarity is not against, otherwise it will cause leakage current rise significantly, quickly heating and damage the capacitor. (4) welding capacitor is not too long, long time because of the welding temperature will pass to the internal medium for capacitor electrode pin, so that the performance of the medium change. (5) after long-term storage need to use the electrolytic capacitor, not directly with rated voltage, otherwise there will be a danger of explosion. The correct use of the method is: first add smaller working voltage, and then gradually increase the voltage until the rated voltage and the voltages remain a not too long, and then put into use. 6. When installing a capacitor in the circuit, should make a sign of capacitors installed in position for easy reading, in order to check and repair. 7 when parallel capacitor is used, the total electricity capacity equal to the sum of the capacity, but should pay attention to the working voltage of capacitor in parallel after no more than one of the lowest rated voltage. End of capacitor in series can increase the pressure. If the two capacity of the same capacitor in series, the total pressure can be doubled; If two capacity of capacitor in series, small electric capacity of capacitor on the voltage is higher than that of large capacity capacitor. Pet-name ruby electrolytic capacitor of polarity is not allowed to use under negative pressure, if more than this regulation, should choose the non-polarity electrolytic capacitor or two of the same specifications of the capacitor connected to the cathode, the positive respectively in the two circuits, the actual electric capacity of capacitor in series after two equivalent capacitance. Attending when electrolytic capacitor in a broad band filter or bypass, when using frequency characteristic in order to change, for the electrolytic capacitor in parallel a small capacity of the capacitor, it can play the role of the bypass capacitors. 11 in the high frequency circuit of more than 500 MHZ, leadless capacitor should be adopted. If using lead capacitor, the lead should be a very short time. 12 a few large capacity capacitor in series for the use of clean, wave or bypass, capacitor leakage flows affect the distribution of the voltage, breakdown is likely to lead to a capacitor. At this point in the ends of each capacitor parallel a value less than the resistor capacitor insulation resistance, to ensure that each capacitor pressure evenly. Resistance of the resistor is in commonly 100 k Ω - 1 m between Ω. 13 when using variable capacitor, the rotation axis of tightness should be moderate, had a tight or loose phenomenon do not use the capacitor. In addition, also have a touch of phenomenon or short circuit capacitor should not be used. 14 when using the padder, pay attention to the tightness of fine-tuning mechanism, adjust too loose capacitor capacity is not stable, and adjust the tight capacitor is easily happened damage during adjustment.
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