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The types of capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-01-30
Capacitor phyletic and various kinds of capacitor, people often to classification as capacitors of different dielectric material, as shown in figure 4 2. Capacitor according to the can of regulatory and can be divided into fixed capacitor, variable capacitor and the padder, among them the most used is a fixed capacitor. Variable capacitor common air dielectric capacitor and plastic film capacitors. Padder also known as variable capacitor, generally use air medium, ceramic medium and organic film medium padder, etc.
the main technical indexes of the main technique index sign of the capacitor ( 1) Condenser pressure: commonly used the fixed capacitor series of dc voltage is: 6. 3 v, 10 v, 16 v, 25 v, 40 v, 63 v、100 v、160 v、250 v、400 v。 ( 2) Capacitor tolerance levels: common seven grades as shown in table 7. Table 7, 3) Nominal capacitance: table 8 fixed capacitor series of nominal capacity and allowable error note: nominal capacitance value in the table or table number multiplied by 10, where n is positive or negative integer, unit of pF.

in capacitor straight standard method of capacitor straight standard method straight standard method is marked in the surface of the condenser directly a method of its main parameters and technical indicators. Straight standard method can use the Arabic numerals and word mark. Direct the content of the capacitor and order is commonly: (1) the trademark; (2) model; (3) working temperature classes; (4) working voltage; (5) nominal capacitance and allowable deviation; (5) temperature coefficient of capacitance, etc. The above marked label content is not necessarily all straight. Example: C841 250 v 2000 5% and the content of the sample logo is: pf C841 precision polystyrene film capacitor, its working voltage is 250 v, nominal capacitance for 2000 pf, allowable deviation of plus or minus 5%.
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