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The technical parameters of mica capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-03-05
Mica is a kind of extremely important fine inorganic insulation material. As medium material, has not yet found that the comprehensive performance of other materials can be more than mica. Mica is the advantage of high dielectric strength, dielectric constant, low loss, high chemical stability, good heat resistance, easy to peel into thickness of slice, with excellent mechanical properties, can be assembled into a pile of chip capacitor. Mica capacitor is natural mica capacitor for medium, it is because of the excellent properties of mica medium and makes mica capacitor has the following advantages: ( 1) Low dissipation factor, capacity of less than or equal to 80 pf, loss in ( 10 ~ 30) ×10- 4 range, capacity of more than 82 pf, the loss in 10 x 10 - 4 the following, minimum 10 - up to 3 x 4 below, even at high temperatures, loss is still within the scope of the permit; ( 2) Capacity, temperature and time have good stability, temperature coefficient of the best can be stable in the plus or minus 10 x 10 - 6 / K range, in the specified storage conditions, storage after 14 years, its capacity change is not more than + / - 1%; ( 3) Good high frequency characteristics: because of its inherent inductance is small, mica capacitor can work under high frequency, the experiment proves that metal coating of the capacitor top working frequency of 600 MHZ. ( 4) High precision: generally can reach + / - 1%, plus or minus 2%, plus or minus 5%, the highest accuracy can reach + 0. 01%; ( 5) Heat: allowed under the condition of outer packaging materials, can produce more than 200 ℃ high temperature mica capacitor; Mica capacitor is not only widely used in electronic instruments and meters, electric power and communications equipment, but also used for the high requirement of stability and reliability of aerospace, aviation, navigation, rockets, satellites, and military electronic equipment and oil exploration equipment. Mica capacitor technology parameters of mica capacitor as a kind of non-polar capacitor, there is a lot of advantages compared with common non-polar capacitors, is arguably one of the best in the non-polar capacitors. Capacity is in commonly 4. 7 - 51000 pf, precision can reach + 0. [%] - 01 ±0. 03 [%], this is a capacitor is difficult to achieve, Compared to some of the low frequency ceramic dielectric capacitors and some aluminum electrolytic capacitors, capacitance value accuracy, generally is plus or minus 20 [%], most can be plus or minus 50 [%]. ) Long-term storage of mica capacitance change in 0. [%] - 01 0. 02 [%] between, also is better than that of a capacitor. If you want to do high quality, high precision, high stability of the analog circuit, mica capacitor is not second choice. In the high-grade circuit such as tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Hi - price Fi in acoustics, basically use also is mica capacitor. Mica capacitor main electrical parameters 1 rated voltage refers to the working temperature range can apply for work in the largest capacitor dc voltage and ac pulse voltage peak. As shown in this catalogue various types product rated voltage for the dc working voltage, more than the rated voltage stated in this catalog or need ac rated voltage, can be processed according to mutual agreement, sign the technical agreement. 2 insulation resistance in the regulation of test conditions, the capacitor can withstand voltage and leakage current generated by the ratio of the insulation resistance of said capacitor. Points under normal temperature and high temperature insulation resistance, and normal temperature is to point to room temperature, high temperature refers to the condenser temperature is the limit of category. 3 nominal capacitance capacitor design determine and are often marked on the capacitor capacitance value. Such as 103 represents 10000 pf, if less than 10 pf capacitance, use R instead of the decimal point. Such as 4 r7, on behalf of 4. 7 pf。 4 allowable deviation refers to the actual capacitance capacitor capacitance of nominal capacitance can allow maximum deviation. Capacitance of the maximum allowable deviation and its symbol table 3: capacity and allowable deviation level code table 3 more than the nominal capacitance value, set forth in this directory according to the non-standard product processing production. More than rules allow deviation, according to mutual agreement, signed the agreement on technical processing production. 5 loss tangent value loss refers to the capacitor in unit time by heating, the consumption of energy, loss tangent refers to the active power consumed by a capacitor and its storage or transfer of the ratio of reactive power. The provisions of this catalog in different quality grades of mica capacitor loss tangent value shown in table 4, in excess of the prescribed scope, outside of the processed according to mutual agreement, signed a technical agreement.
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