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The super capacitor in the application of the auto control

by:SMiLer     2021-01-12
Battery is the key in the car electronics components, its performance directly affect the car boot. Now the auto start without exception, the start motor start. Especially in the starting moment in the process of start, due to start the motor speed to zero, do not produce induced potential, so the starting current: I = E/( RM + RS + RL) ; Among them: E for no-load voltage of battery, the RM for starting motor armature resistance, the RS for battery internal resistance, RL circuit resistance. Therefore, from improving automotive electromagnetic environment of electrical equipment, improve the starting performance and battery performance or prolong the service life of the battery, improve the car power supply in the process of starting performance is necessary. One of the solutions to solve the problem is increasing the capacity of the battery, but need to increase a lot, and make the volume increases, this is not a good choice. And the super capacitor and battery in parallel is a good way to solve this problem. The principle and characteristic of super capacitor 2. 1 the principle of the super capacitor is a kind of super capacitor capacitance can amount to thousands of great capacity of farah capacitor. Cooper Cooper company of super capacitor in the United States, for example, according to the principle of capacitor, capacitance depends on the distance between the electrode and electrode surface area, in order to get such a large capacitance, as far as possible to narrow the distance between the super capacitor electrode, electrode surface area increased, therefore, through the theory of electric double layer and porous activated carbon electrode. The structure of the super capacitor as shown in figure 3. Electric double layer medium on the two electrodes of a capacitor voltage, near the place on the dielectric interface of the electrode and electrode carries charge polarity opposite charge and bound on the medium interface, form the two electrodes of the capacitor in fact. And activated charcoal porous electrode can obtain a great deal of electrode surface area of 200 m2 / g. Thus the structure of the super capacitor has great capacity and can store a lot of electrostatic energy. To see the super capacitor charge and discharge process is always a physical process, no chemical reaction, so the performance is stable, and the use of chemical reaction of storage battery are different. 2. 2 the main characteristics of super capacitor in spite of super capacitor energy density is 5% or less of battery, but this can be used in the traditional battery energy storage deficiency with short time of peak current. Compared with the battery, the super capacitor has the following advantages: one is a large capacitance, super capacitor using powdered activated carbon and activated carbon fiber as polarizable electrodes, to increase the area of contact with the electrolyte, according to the calculation formula of capacitance, the greater the surface area of two plates, the greater the capacitance, as a result, general electric double layer capacitor capacity to more than 1 F, its emergence has the capacity of the capacitors range suddenly jumped 3 ~ 4 orders of magnitude, currently the super capacitor is one of the biggest single electric capacity can reach 5000 F; 2 it is to charge and discharge life is very long, up to 500 000 or 90000 h, and the storage battery charging and discharging life difficult to more than 000 times; l Three is to provide high discharge current, such as 2700 F super capacitor discharge current rating not less than 950 A, discharge peak current up to 1, 680 A, general battery is not usually have such high discharge current, some high discharge current of battery, electrical flow in such A high discharge, greatly shorten the service life; Four can be in the tens of seconds to minutes fast charging, the battery in such a short period of time full of electricity will be extremely dangerous or almost impossible. Five can be in a very wide range of temperatures normal work, - 40℃~+70℃) And storage battery are difficult to work under high temperature, especially in low temperature environment; Six is super capacitor materials are safe and non-toxic, and lead-acid battery, nickel cadmium battery has toxicity, moreover, the super capacitor can be any use to increase the capacitance in parallel, if after equalizing measures, also can be used in series.
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