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The structure of the standard capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-02-21
Standard capacitor structure of capacitor electrode form and adopted by the media to the capacitance value. Small capacity of 10 pf the following standard capacitor is often adopts sealed air, coaxial cylindrical electrode structure, its advantage is good stability, but the capacity is not easy to do. 100 ~ 1000 pf standard capacitor is often used air, multilayer flat type electrode structure. Is greater than 1000 pf standard capacitor is still use a flat air such as structure, is quite heavy, so often adopt mica silver craft. LO ~ l00pF standard capacitor is often adopt surface metallization of organic insulating film as dielectric, to reduce the volume. L00pF above standard capacitor is not easy to make, often used with coupling transformer or operational amplifier equivalent capacitance method, the equivalent capacitance can be as high as more than the IF. As shown in figure 1 of fused silica respectively medium and white mica sheet standard capacitance. Figure 1 standard capacitance 1 - solid medium Fused silica; 2 - Apply the gold electrode; 3 - Apply the gold ring protection; 4 - Padder; 5 - Insulator, 6 - Nursery fixed plate; 7 - White mica chip standard capacitor in order to eliminate the influence of stray capacitance, commonly used metal shield, shielding the capacitor and a terminal button is set on the shield, known as shielding terminal, so capacitor has three terminal, as shown in figure 2 for three terminal standard capacitors. In figure 1, 2, is the standard two plate capacitor terminal, 3 is terminal. Capacitors within the medium to absorb a certain amount of energy in the alternating electric field, thus standard capacitor is dielectric loss. This loss is available on the capacitors in parallel conductance G said the standard parallel equivalent circuit of capacitor is shown in figure 3. Dissipation factor standard capacitor can tand near zero. As the standard of measurement standard capacitor, according to its position in the dissemination system is divided into primary standards of measurement, measurement standard and the general work standard measure three block, a lower gear standard capacitor value by higher gear transmission. Standard capacitor according to the classification accuracy, the standard capacitor from 0. 01 ~ 0. Level 2 is divided into five levels. Figure 2 three terminal standard capacitor figure 3 standard capacitor parallel equivalent circuit of capacitor is usually a decimal value, its capacitance range of 1 ~ 1 pf general pf, special circumstances can also be made smaller or larger number, or a decimal value.
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