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The structure and characteristics of tantalum electrolytic capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-01-09
The structure and characteristics of tantalum electrolytic capacitor tantalum electrolytic capacitor having solid tantalum electrolytic capacitor and tantalum electrolytic capacitor two kinds, respectively is known as the solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor tantalum capacitor and the solid electrolyte. The structure of the solid tantalum electrolytic capacitor as shown in figure 4 As shown in 92. Its manufacturing process of the anode is: use a very thin metal tantalum powder pressed into pieces, under the condition of high temperature and high vacuum burn into porous matrix, and then a good matrix of the anodic oxidation, generated in the surface layer of TaO5 membrane, constitute with TaO5 film as the dielectric tantalum powder sintering block the positive matrix. Solid button electrolytic capacitor anode manufacturing process is: impregnated manganese nitrate on tantalum anode substrate, through high heat sintering to form a solid electrolyte MnO2 anode graphite layer formed through the process again, then again outside the graphite layer coating conductive layer, such as lead tin alloy constitutes the core of capacitor. It can be seen that the solid tantalum electrolytic capacitor anode is tantalum powder sintering, insulating medium as TaOs, negative extremely MnO2 solid electrolyte. Will capacitor core welding on lead and then into the enclosure, and then with a rubber plug encapsulation, constitute solid tantalum electrolytic capacitor. Some capacitor core adopts the form of the epoxy resin coating to form solid tantalum electrolytic capacitor. Liquid tantalum electrolytic capacitor manufacturing process simpler than solid tantalum electrolytic capacitor, the capacitor core directly by tantalum powder sintering made by anodic oxidation, as shown in figure 4 93 ( a) Shown below. Then put the capacitor core into water containing sulfate rongping silver shell liquid or gel silica sulfate solution, then using fluorine rubber seal edge sealing, as shown in figure 4 93 ( b) Shown below. Sulfuric acid water by liquid liquid electrolyte capacitor anode. Tantalum electrolytic capacitor has the following characteristics: (1) tantalum electrolytic capacitor using the particles are very fine tantalum powder burning into porous anode, so the effective area of single volume is big, and button of the oxide film dielectric constant is greater than aluminum oxide film dielectric constant so under the condition of the same pressure and electric capacity, the volume of tantalum electrolytic capacitor is aluminium electrolytic capacitor size is much smaller. (2) because of tantalum powder sintering block is made of die first, so the appearance of tantalum electrolytic capacitor can be made into a variety of forms. (3) using a wide temperature range. General button electrolytic capacitor can be found within 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ ambient temperature within the scope of work, can work under + 155 ℃. (4) small leakage current, low loss, insulation resistance, good frequency characteristic. 5. Large capacity, long life, can be made into tiny components. 6. Due to the chemical performance is stable, tantalum oxide film and acid proof, alkali proof, stable performance and tantalum electrolytic capacitor, working long hours can still maintain good performance. 7) because of tantalum electrolytic capacitor using button, metal materials and technological reason, thus cost is high, the price is expensive. Today tantalum electrolytic capacitor is a capacitor with the polarity, and the pressure is low. Tantalum electrolytic capacitor is mainly used in aluminum electrolytic capacitor performance parameters is difficult to meet the requirements of occasions, such as small volume, wide range of upper and lower temperature requirement capacitor, good frequency characteristics and impedance characteristics, products high stability of military and civilian circuit.
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