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The structure and characteristics of ceramic capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-02-14
Ceramic capacitor structure and characteristics of ceramic capacitor is also called the ceramic capacitor, it for ceramic dielectric coated metal film ( General for the silver) Through high heat sintering to form a electrode and the electrode lead wire, welding on exterior coating to protect the enamel, or freed with epoxy resin and the resin coating, becomes a ceramic capacitor. As information and capacitor dielectric ceramic material is made up of various materials according to different formula made from through high heat sintering. TaoCheng materials formula, it's performance is not - The sample. Take advantage of this, you can create a variety of different dielectric constant and the temperature coefficient of capacitor, to meet different application requirements. Ceramic capacitor common ceramic dielectric materials has the following three categories: Ⅰ type ceramic capacitor: general is less than 100 of its dielectric constant, electric performance is stable, basically does not change with temperature, voltage, time and change, is a super stable, low loss of capacitor dielectric materials, commonly used in stability and high reliability requirements of high frequency, the occasion of uhf and VHF. Ⅱ type ceramic capacitor: its dielectric constant generally greater than 1000, electric performance is stable, suitable for blocking, coupling, bypass and clean, wave circuit and higher requirements for reliability of medium and low frequency. For type ceramic capacitor au: it has the very high dielectric constant, are widely used in the stability and loss of capacity is not high. Is given priority to with ferrite, ceramic materials for dielectric capacitor is referred to as monolithic ceramic capacitor, it is composed of multilayer chip ceramic membrane stack up and sintering. Because of its stolen every piece of ceramic membrane is very thin, therefore has the characteristics of large capacity, small volume. Information and capacitor has the following characteristics: (1) as a result of the capacitor dielectric materials for pottery wow, so the heat resistant performance is good, not easy ageing. (2) ceramic capacitor capable acid alkali and salt corrosion, good corrosion resistance. (3) low frequency ceramic dielectric constant is large, and low-frequency ceramic capacitor is small in size, large capacity. (4) the insulation performance is good, can be made into high voltage capacitor. (5) of the loss tangent value of high-frequency ceramic material with the relationship between the frequency is very small, so in the high frequency circuit can choose high frequency capacitor. 6. Cheap, abundant raw materials, suitable for mass production. All landowners electric capacity of capacitor is small, low mechanical strength. A lot of varieties of ceramic capacitor, according to the dielectric materials can be divided into high and low dielectric constant capacitor dielectric constant capacitor; According to the working frequency can be divided into high frequency porcelain capacitor and capacitor's low frequency number; Can be divided into the high voltage ceramic capacitor according to the working voltage and low voltage ceramic capacitor. Ceramic dielectric container, the shape of the structure is also a variety of common image of a wafer, tubular, wear heart type, cylindrical and fold type.
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