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The role of the series power capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-03-07
In series to the role of power capacitor power capacitor in use process has two methods of series and parallel, can choose according to different occasions and different use requirement specific capacitor coupling way, in order to achieve the best economic effect. Here we simply analyse the role of power capacitor in series: 1, increase at the end of the line voltage. Using capacitive reactance compensation circuit impedance, let the line voltage drop, thus improve the line by the purpose of the electric voltage, generally can be the end of the line voltage can be increased by 20%. 2, improve the transmission capacity of the circuitry. Capacitor itself has compensated reactance, the line voltage drop and power loss will be reduced, and raised the corresponding lines conveying capacity. 3, improve the stability of the system. Transmission capacity increased, itself to improve the static stability. When line increase the capacitive reactance, reduce the system total equivalent reactance, the limit of transmission power raised, dynamic stability of the system is also improved. 4, improve the trend of the distribution system. In a closed network series capacitor, change the line reactance, current would flow according to the specified line has reached the requirement of economic power distribution. 5, to reduce the load side voltage fluctuation. When line load termination has changed a lot of shock load, a capacitor can eliminate the sharp fluctuations in voltage. Why power capacitor series reactor everyone used reactor now? Some customers are often asked why series reactor? Feel very expensive and take a place, in fact, the effect of reactor is very big, reactor is also called the inductor. Reactor is mainly used to limit short circuit current, also has in the filter and power series or parallel capacitor is used to limit the higher harmonic in the power grid. Actually is the main purpose of serial reactor and limit switch to restrain high harmonic currents, prevent the damage of harmonic on the capacitor, to avoid excessive capacitor device access to power grid harmonic amplification and resonance occurs. For now more and more the life of automation, power system harmonic problem is increasingly serious, we also have to take the way to control harmonic, harmonic too big words will seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment and power system. For ehv long distance transmission lines, when no load or light load circuit capacitor charging power is very big, often charging power has increased dramatically with the voltage flat aspect, huge charging power except the power frequency voltage rise caused, will also increase the line power and electric energy loss and cause self excitation, difficult issues such as the same period. Such as arc furnace, large rolling mill, electric locomotive, the fact is that they not only can produce a large number of high order harmonic, and can make the voltage fluctuation and flicker, three-phase imbalance has become increasingly serious. It will not only results in the decrease of the safety of the power supply device itself, and will severely weakened and interfere with the economic operation of power grids, formed a 'nuisance' of power grid. This time is to use serial reactor, can effectively resist the influence of the harmonic.
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