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The role of safety capacitor in series in a circuit

by:SMiLer     2021-03-01
Safety capacitor in series circuit is the role of some choose safety capacitor in the series circuit reason is what? Can give full play to the characteristics of the capacitor more? Small make up according to their own understanding and testing information is: ( 1) Can improve the voltage. Series capacitor in the circuit, according to the capacitive reactance link line impedance, and let the line voltage slow down speed, to improve the end of the line voltage, usually end of the line voltage performance improvements can be 10% 20%. ( 2) To reduce the voltage of the electric stress. When the line with electric series have change a lot of impact load ( Such as arc furnace, electric welding machine, etc. ) High-energy, safety capacitors can be deducted from the voltage fluctuation. These produce capacitor in the circuit of the voltage drop of supplementary role along with the load of the capacitor change, have change along with the change of load moment features, can automatically maintain the voltage value on users by electric power. ( 3) Ascending line transportation power. Because the line reactance, series of safety capacitance compensation in line voltage drop and power consumption is reduced, relative to improve line transmission capacity. ( 4) Improve the trend trend of decentralized system. On some of the circuit network line series safety capacitor, part effectively transform the circuit reactance, according to determine its current flow line, so that economic power distribution to achieve purpose. ( 5) Improve the system stability. After line series capacitor, improve the transmission capacity of lines, that in itself improve the static stability of the system. Safety and the effect of capacitance on power supply circuit board a: safety capacitance for filtering with filtering is a very important part of the role of the capacitance. Almost all of the power supply is used in the circuit. Theoretically, the greater the capacitance, impedance is smaller, by the higher the frequency also. But in fact most of the more than 1 uf capacitance for electrolytic capacitor, there is a lot of inductance component, so after high frequency impedance increases. Sometimes see a larger capacitance electrolytic capacitor in parallel with a small capacitance, then large capacitance at low frequency, small capacitance high frequency. Lao capacitance effect is low resistance, high frequency resistance at low frequency. The more easily through the low frequency, the greater the capacitance of the high frequency easier to pass. Specific use in filtering, large capacitance, 1000uF) Filter the low frequency, small capacitance ( 20 pf) High frequency filter. Safety capacitor as a filter capacitor use, can be likened to 'pool'. Due to the inability of the ends of the capacitor voltage mutation, therefore, the higher the signal frequency, the greater the attenuation, can say very image of the capacitance is like a pool, not caused by the addition of a few drops of water or the evaporation of water. It changes the voltage changes into current, the higher the frequency, the greater the peak current, so as to buffer the voltage. Filtering is charging and discharging process. 2: safety capacitance for bypass the bypass capacitor energy storage device is provided for the local device energy, it can make the output of the voltage regulator homogenization, reduce the workload requirements. Like a small rechargeable battery, bypass capacitors can be charged, and discharge to the device. To minimize the impedance to bypass capacitors, try to close to the load device power supply pin and pin. It can effectively prevent the input value is too large and cause the earth potential of raises and noise. Play is ground connection at the voltage drop across the large current burr when.
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