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The role of parallel capacitor in power system

by:SMiLer     2021-02-25
Concept of parallel capacitor parallel capacitor and shunt capacitor, formerly known as phase-shift capacitor. Mainly used for the compensation of perceptual load of power system reactive power, in order to improve the power factor, improve the quality of voltage, reduce the loss of line. Single-phase parallel capacitor is mainly composed of the panels, shell and outlet structure. Using metal foil ( As a plate) Winding with insulation paper or plastic film stack up, by a number of components, insulation parts and fasteners after being connected and constitute capacitance side panels, and dipping insulation oil. Capacitance plate of lead after series, in parallel to the line connection piece of qualification of the bottom of porcelain bushing. Capacitor of the metal shell filled with insulation oil. Substations installed parallel capacitor is the effective measures to improve the voltage quality and reduce the loss of power. Power load of power grid, such as motor, transformer, etc. , most belong to the perceptual load, in the process of running to the equipment to provide the corresponding reactive power. Installation of shunt capacitor in the power grid, reactive power compensation equipment, can provide reactive power consumed by a perceptual load, reduce the power grid power supply provided to the perceptual load, by reactive power line transmission, due to reduce the reactive power flow in the grid, so can reduce the lines and transformers caused by transmission of reactive power loss of electric power. Parallel capacitor connection method of parallel capacitor connection usually adopt triangle and star in two ways, one of the most widely used is the star. 1, take direct line to line voltage of capacitor, the connection of any a capacitor were breakdown due to the fault, forming two phase short circuit, fault current is very big, if the fault cannot be quickly removed, fault current and arc will make the dielectric breakdown produces gas, the fuel tank explosion, and spread to neighboring capacitor. So this connection has been seldom used in 10 kv system, is used in a 380 v power distribution system. 2, star in the power grid, y connection of capacitor Banks is widely used at home and abroad at present. Y connection of capacitor electrode voltage, phase voltage of the grid is of low insulation withstand voltage, the capacitor manufacturing design can choose low field strength. When the capacitor in the group have a capacitor for breakdown when short circuit fault, due to the rest of the two sound impedance limits, fault current will reduce to a certain range, and relieve fault effect. The role of parallel capacitor in the power system voltage is an important indicator of measuring the power quality. Only in a variety of electric equipment in the power system voltage for the rating to have the best technical and economic indicators. But in the normal operation of the power system, electricity load and system operation mode is constantly changing, the resulting voltage changes, voltage deviation inevitably appear. And the operation of the power system voltage level depends on the balance of reactive power, all kinds of reactive power in the system reactive power output should be able to meet the system load and network loss in the demand for reactive power measurement under the rated voltage, otherwise it will deviate from the rating, the lower the power quality, ultimately affect the normal operation of the equipment in the power system. So in 110 kv and below power grid installation group shunt capacitors for reactive power compensation, this is a practical and economic way. , are designed to reduce and use reactive compensation capacity; Reduce investment; Increasing the active power in power grid transmission ratio, reducing line loss, improve voltage quality, stable equipment operation; Can improve the low voltage power grid and power factor of electrical equipment, reduce the loss of electric energy consumption and energy saving. Improve the power factor is the most convenient way is parallel capacitor: parallel capacitor capacitance current offset inductor current, is reduced to the so-called reactive current of not doing any work within a certain range. Reactive power and active power, is an indispensable part of the power quality, should be a balance of reactive power in power system, otherwise, will make the system voltage is reduced, equipment damage, power factor, serious when, will cause the voltage collapse, system solution, causing large area power outage.
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