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The role of low voltage capacitor tank

by:SMiLer     2021-03-03
Low voltage capacitor tank is applicable to industrial and mining enterprises and civilian residential ac 50 hz, three-phase 380 v and 100 kva 1000 kva urban and rural power grid reactive power compensation, oil field rapid compensation. Can be installed in 4 10/0 kv or 0. 6/0. (4) kv outdoor transformer magnetic poles, widely used. 380 v rated voltage power supply system is suitable for all walks of life as reactive power compensation of reactive power compensation device. GGJ used with GGD type low voltage distribution board, according to the demand of power grid reactive power compensation, automatic control in 10 - grouping capacitor 4-120 seconds 12 groups ( Step) Cutting power grid, realize reactive power automatic compensation, stability of power grid voltage quality, reduce the loss of transmission and distribution system and the transformer, achieve the goal of saving energy and improving the quality of power supply. Facts have proven that in addition to the resistive load, most daily electrical equipment are perceptual load, such as fluorescent lamps, transformers, engine, etc. The perceptual load change in the phase of the power supply, voltage fluctuation, reactive power and energy waste. Through the capacitance compensation reactive power factor compensation ark can effectively solve the - Problems, improve the efficiency of power supply. Cabinet of automatic compensation capacitor compensation device can be set automatically according to the variation of power consumption load input capacitor group, in order to reduce a large number of reactive current, thereby reducing reactive power consumption. Low voltage capacitor compensation cabinet used controller is usually 12 control circuit. Set the number of loop capacity in line with the pile capacity setting. The number of cycle should be set as low as possible, in order to meet as little as possible. In general, the Max for 12 power capacitor cabinets, and can be combined according to the need to choose a different capacity. In general, capacitance compensation ark capacitance compensation of low voltage electric closet selection need according to the voltage level of the user and to determine the need to add capacity. It also depends on the width and depth of the cabinet and the size of the corresponding capacitor group, in order to determine how much you want to install circuit. Problems in the operation of the low voltage capacitor ark of inductive load. In addition to the active power consumption, it also consumes - Reactive power. This results in the decrease of the power factor. The lower the power factor, the more reactive power grid needs, the bigger the line loss. The low voltage reactive power compensation capacitor ark can keep the balance of power system reactive power, reduce loss, improve the quality of power supply. Therefore, reactive power compensation principle selection can not only effectively maintain system voltage level, improve the voltage stability, and also can avoid a lot of reactive power, thus reducing active power loss, improve equipment utilization. 1, standards in accordance with national standard 15576 - 2008 'the low voltage reactive power compensation device'. More than 2, the applicable scope is suitable for all kinds of wet dust in the workshop. Suitable for textile, metallurgical, chemical, mining, machinery and other factories. It used for three-phase, three-wire lines to four or five low-voltage distribution system, rated voltage of 50 hz ac, 380 v or 660 v, rated current is 630 a, used for power distribution and lighting. At the same time, also can be used for low voltage control system part of the control. 3. Low voltage capacitance ark principle of low voltage capacitor cabinet capacitor is capacitive load device, its connection to the same in the circuit inductance load device. When the capacitive load release energy, emotional load to absorb energy; When the inductive load release energy, capacitive load absorb energy, energy conversion between the two. In this way, the perceptual load to absorb reactive power can be output by capacitive load reactive power compensation, to control factor control in 0. More than 9. This is the compensation principle of capacitance ark.
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