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The role of capacitor in the circuit

by:SMiLer     2021-02-06
The role of 1 capacitor in the circuit. The basic characteristic of the capacitor ( 1) The role of dc capacitor can store charge, a partition when the two plates of capacitor from dc power supply is respectively, negative, positive and negative charges will gather on the two plates of the capacitor, the voltage is formed between two plates. With the increasing of electric charge on the capacitor two plate, also by the capacitor on the voltage increases gradually, until it is equal to the dc power supply voltage, the circuit will not have a current flows through the, stopped charging process, this is the capacitor charging effect. If the dc power supply and disconnect capacitors, then stored on the charge on the capacitor, it can be determined by the type of storage charge quantity, which can be seen from the type, when at the ends of the capacitor voltage must be, the greater the capacity of capacitor, it is the storage charge. The electric capacity of capacitor is a measure the parameters of the capacitor stored charge ability. After storage charge on the capacitor, because the two plate capacitor is separated by insulating medium, although there are voltage on both ends of the capacitor, but cannot from the electrodes, through the charge, so the action of the dc capacitor have partition. If the capacitor of the store has a charge of two electrodes with wires, at the instant of the connection, is on the capacitor plates, negative charge will be through a wire and, this is the capacitor discharge. Capacitor discharge process is a process of energy release, will work in the discharge circuit, converts electrical energy into other type of energy. If in the capacitor is used in electronic circuits, electronic circuit voltage is higher than the voltage across the capacitor capacitor charging, built on until the capacitor voltage equals the voltage circuit; If electronic circuit voltage is lower than the voltage across the capacitor to discharge the capacitor. ( 2) Alternating current (ac) can 'through' capacitor if the capacitor to alternating current (ac) on the road, because the size of the ac voltage and the direction changing, charging capacitor will alternately, discharge, repeatedly between two plates of the capacitor is still there will be no charge, but in the ac circuit is formed the direction and size are constantly changing alternating current, like capacitor can pass the alternating current (ac), which is communication can 'through' capacitor. ( 3) Capacitor capacitive reactance of the capacitor to the resistance of the alternating current (ac) with special features, known as the capacitive reactance. Capacitive reactance can be calculated by type, that is, it is not hard to see from the type, the greater the capacity of capacitor, the higher the frequency of the electric current, the greater is the capacitive reactance of the small, the easier alternating current through the capacitor. 2. The basic characteristic of the capacitor in the circuit capacitor has been very widely used in electronic circuit, it's in the filter circuit, circuit, coupled circuit, the bypass circuit, a delay circuit, shaping circuit and so on all play an important role in the circuit. Here with two instances to illustrate the some effect of capacitor in the circuit. ( Case 1] Two tube rifle regeneration two tube transistor radio to rehabilitate regeneration semiconductor circuit as shown in figure 4 - on the radio 3. Circuit of the communist party of China with the help of seven capacitor, the role of their circuit were described as follows: C1 and L2 tuned circuit, by adjusting the size of C1 capacity, to achieve the purpose of choosing radio. C2 is adjustable capacitor and a half. Magnified by the high frequency signal by L3 and C2 feedback to the tuned circuits, to reinforce high frequency signal, in order to improve the sensitivity of the radio. Adjust the C2 can change the feedback the strength of the regeneration. C3 jumper between L2 and VT1 emitter, and it has a dual role: one is it capacitive reactance on radio signal is low, the high frequency signal can make the L2 smoothly back to VT1 amplification on the emitter junction; The second is the C3 also played a residual high frequency signal detection after bypass. C4 capacity is small, only 100 pf, it of the high frequency signal of capacitive reactance is small, and bigger to the capacitive reactance of the low frequency signal, so the high frequency signal can be added to the detector for detection by C4, audio signal by C4, just to L4 to VT2 is amplified. When beginning S closed, the power supply by R3, the RP to C. When the voltage on the C reaches a certain amplitude, VT1 conduction, the VT1 charge on C, E, B1 and R2 discharge, touch the hair crystal thyratron VT2 conduction, relay K electrical work, touch it will control the circuit work.
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