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The role of 47 uf electrolytic capacitor of withstand voltage 100 v

by:SMiLer     2021-03-12
47 u F / 100 v capacitance is commonly aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the capacitor high frequency performance is poorer, electric capacity is not very stable, and the withstand voltage value of 100 v electrolytic capacitor, generally larger volume, the capacitance in circuit as high pressure filter commonly electricity or coupling capacitance. Although some low frequency oscillation circuit and timing circuits would use the 47 u F electrolytic capacitor, but this kind of circuit working voltage is low, even use 47 u F electrolytic capacitor, also won't choose this high pressure value of electrolytic capacitors, because in the capacitance phase at the same time, generally the higher the pressure value of electrolytic capacitors, the greater the volume. This 47 u F / 100 v electrolytic capacitor, the filter circuit and coupled circuit of power supply voltage is higher than common. As shown above in RC buck LED drive circuit, usually on both ends of LED lamp bead a dozens of u F filter capacitance in parallel, if the driver circuit driver is more than a dozen series of white LED lamp bead, filter capacitance C2 general selection pressure filter capacitance value is 100 v, most of its capacity for 10 ~ 47 u F. In addition, some measuring instrument of high voltage amplifier, if use resistance capacity coupling, the general use of 47 u F / 100 v electrolytic capacitor.
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