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The rise of capacitive touch technology

by:SMiLer     2021-03-14
The rise of capacitive touch technology with the evolution of technology, the application of the 'touch' has been more and more diversified, from handheld devices to the electrical appliances product, 'touch' almost everywhere. We can see is accelerating towards the portable consumer electronic devices with touch technology development, and no matter on quantity or type are significantly increased. Mobile phone is a good example, with a touch screen mobile phone, exclusive equipped with unique from early smartphones has rapidly spread to the mainstream in the order of mobile phone. And touch technology, the two major areas of capacitive and resistive technology, the current schools of thought contend, have their proponents. Capacitive touch technology at present in many products in the field of rapid growth, for the button and slide the horizontal axis or circular roller input interface applications, consumer electronics OEM, ODM, and design of industrial design for the fashion line and elegant user interface expressed great interest, and hopes as the main demands of product design and the area is lain between, and capacitive touch there are economies of scale of the market. Compared with the traditional method based on microcontroller, ASIC solution today has greatly shorten the learning curve and program design requirements, as long as a few weeks ( Rather than a few months) Can complete the entire design import procedure. The results established a more delicate and attractive user interface, provide admirably the light touch, caused by the interface of wear factors were ruled out, reduce product failure rate. Regardless of whether such completely correct, but was intuition will be associated with commonly used mechanical buttons in into a lower order model and the old technology. In addition to the above market conditions, in terms of the touch screen, the capacitive touch screen for the application, all kinds of interesting star products in the industry caused a broad discussion and interest, and as the upgrade of traditional resistive touch technology. Capacitive touch screen is not only the advantages of high reliability, and a light touch ( Relative to the pressure resistance type shall be pressure to action) Delicate degree, has become one of the touch screen products all kinds of appraisal standard, thus contributing to the iPhone for the first time will multi-touch and gesture type application user interface into the mainstream. Multi-touch and gesture input has bring revolutionary change for the man-machine interface, and more complete presents intuitive operation. Touch screen market are red, as some of the introduction of the application of believe the market will allow more vigorous development, and let's see what the market evolution.
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