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The rational choice of capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-01-31
The correct choice of capacitor ( 1) Should choose the type of capacitor according to the circuit requirement. For the request is not high frequency circuit and dc, generally can choose paper condenser, also can choose low frequency capacitor. In high frequency circuit, when the electrical performance requirements is high, can choose mica capacitor, high-frequency porcelain capacitor or wear heart ceramic capacitor. For high frequency and low frequency circuits, can choose plastic film capacitors. In electric shock filtering, isolation circuit, generally can choose aluminum electrolytic capacitors. For high reliability, high stability of the circuits. Should choose mica capacitors, film capacitors or tantalum electrolytic capacitor. For high voltage circuit, should choose high voltage ceramic capacitor or other types of high voltage capacitor. For a tuned circuit, should choose variable capacitor and trimmer. ( 2) Reasonable electric capacity of capacitor and the allowable deviation. In the low frequency of lv and to offer circuits, general electric capacity of capacitor is not too strict, as long as according to the calculated value selection of larger capacitance can be. In timing circuit, oscillating circuit, tone control circuit, etc. More stringent requirements for electric capacity of capacitor, so choose the nominal value of capacitance should be consistent with the calculation of capacitance value as far as possible or to close as far as possible, try to choose high precision capacitor. In some of the younger sister of circuit, often require very precise capacitance of capacitor should be chosen at this time, allowing the deviation plus or minus 0. 1%~ ±0. Within the scope of 5% high precision capacitor. ( 3) Choose the working voltage of capacitor shall conform to the requirements of the circuit. In general, selection of rated voltage of capacitor should be working voltage of 1. 2 - 1. Three times. For the poor working environment or high temperature stability of circuit, selects the rating of the capacitor voltage derating use should be considered, with a bigger margin. If the working voltage of capacitor in the circuit is higher than the rated voltage of capacitor, the capacitor is often easily happened breakdown phenomenon, make the whole circuit cannot work normally. Rated voltage of capacitor is generally refers to the dc voltage, to be used in ac circuits, should according to the properties of the capacitor and specifications to choose; To be used in pulse circuits, should according to the ac and dc component sum shall not exceed the rated voltage of capacitor to choose. ( 4) First choose insulation resistance, dielectric loss of small, small leakage current of the capacitor. ( 5) Should choose capacitor according to capacitor working environment. Performance parameters of the capacitor is closely related to the use environment conditions, so when choosing a capacitor should be paid attention to: (1) under the condition of high temperature using capacitor should choose high working temperature of condenser; (2) circuit in the moist environment, should choose the wet resistance good seal capacitor; (3) under the condition of low face using capacitor, should choose hardy capacitor. This is especially important for electrolytic capacitor, because ordinary electrolytic capacitor on the condition of low temperature can make electrolyte freezes and failure. ( 6) When choosing a capacitor should consider the requirements of the installation site. There are many kinds of, the appearance of capacitor when choose, should according to actual condition to select the shape of the capacitor and the pin size. For high-frequency bypass capacitor, for instance, had better choose to wear heart capacitor, such not only easy to install, and can be used as terminal.
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