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The purpose of the capacitance which a few kinds

by:SMiLer     2021-01-25
Capacitance ( Capacitance) Also called capacitance, it is to point to in charge reserves under a given potential difference, remember to C, the international unit is ( F) 。 In general, the charge in the electric field force and move, as a medium between conductors, has hindered the mobile charge and charge accumulation on the conductor, cause the accumulation of charge storage, storage charge is called capacitance. Capacitance is the ability to accommodate the electric field. Any electrostatic field is composed of many capacitance, the electrostatic field is the capacitor, capacitance is described in electrostatic field. It is generally believed: isolated conductor and infinity capacitance, grounding conductor is equivalent to received infinity, and connected to the earth as a whole. Capacitance ( Or the electric capacity) Is performance capacitor charge ability of physical quantities. Capacitance physics suggests that it is a kind of static electric charge storage medium, may charge indefinitely, this is its features, its use is wide, it is indispensable in the area of electronics, electrical, electronic components. Mainly used for power supply filtering, signal filtering, signal coupling, resonance, filtering and compensation, charge and discharge, energy storage, such as separated dc circuits. Working principle of capacitance circuit can conductive because electrons in a conductor in the power under the action of directional movement, the formation of electric current and electric conduction. Here, the power is equivalent to a water pump, electronic smoke near to the positive to the negative terminal. The anode is less electronic, more distant from the positive electrons to flow, more negative, will flow to the farther away from the cathode. Such has been cycle, electron is equivalent to set out from the cathode, a circle, around a circuit back to the anode, through the power supply, then starting from the cathode, formed the directional movement, has formed a continuous current. If open circuit, the current will not be able to continue, also is what we usually call there is no current. Well, to see to the capacitance charging circuit. Power is like a water pump in work, electrons from the cathode has been run ( Here I don't know why electronic ran negative plate. ) And ran to the capacitor below the plate, no road is broken, they gathered there. To this more than the there? From the anode. The positive? From near the anode. Nearby? From more distant & hellip; … As far as is capacitor top plate. Electronic ran only positively charged particles, the upper plate is positively charged, there are too many electronic board at a lower level, is negatively charged. Due to the capacitance of the two plates with the same amount of unlike charges so will produce with reverse voltage, constant offset from the power supply voltage. Until the capacitor voltage is equal to the power supply voltage, then stop charging, the circuit is equivalent to disconnect. If power supply is a sine ac output waveform as follows. Z = R + 1 / JWC here, it is concluded that, before to go I don't understand, think at the beginning of the power supply voltage increases constantly, capacitance charging, until after the Uc = Um, supply voltage began to decrease, make Uc 'then U supply voltage capacitor began to discharge, the opposite direction and the supply voltage. Waveform is shown in figure 2, in fact the phase difference of the power supply voltage and current, so the power supply voltage drop and a half weeks, current I can be paid, and the filter circuit where no conflict. ( Added a diode filter circuit) If it is sinusoidal alternating current (ac), ( Assume that the capacity of capacitance is enough big, put some time) , at the start of the power supply to the capacitance charging, U reached maximum Um, and then decreased, so U started less than Uc, and then began to load power capacitor
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