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The properties of the glass membrane capacitance and selection method

by:SMiLer     2021-02-14
Capacitance is now an important element in electrical appliances, the nature of the model and the capacitance is very much, it is convenient for people to choose better, of course, when in use, also want to be a reasonable collocation, so what is the distinguishing feature of glass membrane capacitance? Following the small make up a look together. Characteristics in higher temperature ( Around 700 c) Work, does not decompose. And has low thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant and dielectric loss due to the low value, etc. Charge and discharge characteristics it has a charge and discharge characteristics and blocking dc circulation, allow ac current through the ability. In the process of charging and discharging, the charge on the plates have accumulation process, i. e. voltage are establishing process, therefore, the capacitor on the voltage mutation. Capacitor charging two plate with equal unlike charge respectively, the absolute value of each plate with power capacitor charge. Through positive and negative charge on the capacitor discharge of capacitor poles and wire. There was a short current generated in the discharge process sprocket online. How to choose good quality glass membrane capacitance 1: choose the larger manufacturers glass membrane capacitance is different from the common electrical components, so in terms of process needs refinement, such ability can make the products in terms of quality is assured, and combining the glass film capacitor production status, some of the smaller factories do not have the conditions of the production of high quality glass membrane capacitance, so want to get good quality and guaranteed glass membrane capacitance, requires great strength of the manufacturers we choose size. 2: the technology more advanced more guaranteed with the passage of time, actually now either technology or related areas of life, technological progress can promote the quality of the product requirements towards a higher level of development, and the glass membrane capacitance also need advantage technology to further optimize and upgrade, so we when selecting a manufacturer should the manufacturer from multiple sides, especially the technology of level is very important, it directly affect whether we can get high quality glass membrane capacitance. Glass membrane capacitance is useful electrical components, capacitors should pay attention to when using reasonable choice, such ability can guarantee the capacitance can easily complete the relevant work, to ensure that the capacitance using more reasonable.
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