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The parameters of the super capacitor is what?

by:SMiLer     2021-03-13
1) the main parameters in the super capacitor Life: super capacitor resistance increases, the capacity of the lower j within the given range of parameters, it is the effective use of time can be prolonged, generally with its characteristic as provided for in article 4. Influences the activity of life is dry, internal resistance increase, store electricity capacity dropped to 63. 2% called life come to an end. 2) Voltage: super capacitor has recommended a voltage and a best working voltage if using voltage higher than the recommended voltage, will shorten the life of the capacitor, but capacitor can continuous work for a long time in high pressure condition, the inside of the capacitor will break down to form active carbon gases, beneficial to store electrical energy, but no more than 1 recommended voltage. 3 times, otherwise it will damage due to ultra high voltage supercapacitors. 3) Temperature: super capacitor - is the normal operating temperature 40~70℃。 The temperature and voltage is one of the important factors affecting the service life of the super capacitor. Temperature rise every 5 ℃, the life of the capacitor will decline by 10%. At low temperature, improve the working voltage of capacitor, capacitor resistance won't rise, can improve the efficiency of the use of capacitor. 4) Discharge: in pulse charging technology, capacitance resistance is an important factor; In the small current discharge capacity and important factors. 5) Charging: capacitance charging has a variety of ways, such as constant current, constant voltage charging, charging pulse charging, etc. In the process of charging, the capacitor circuit through a resistor, will reduce the charging current, improve the service life of the battery. The main function of the super capacitor compared with ordinary capacitor, super capacitor is improved in the structure adjustment, and on the principle of optimization. But in the use of super capacitor during close to the function of the conventional capacitors. Function of new type capacitor devices in: bypass, decoupling, energy storage, etc. , these for circuit operation or storage charge has obvious control effect.
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