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The loss factor of capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-02-01
The loss factor of capacitor capacitor is usually under the effect of electric field due to the loss of heat and energy called capacitor. Tg habits to loss tangent delta said the size of the loss of capacitor, and called the tg delta loss factor. The wastage of the capacitor energy divided into two parts, dielectric loss and the loss of metal. Dielectric loss including medium conductance loss caused by leakage current and dielectric polarization caused by polarization loss, etc. The loss of metal including metal plate and lead to the loss caused by contact resistance. Due to a variety of resistivity of different metal materials, metal loss increases with the frequency and temperature increases the degree of different, too. Capacitor work in high frequency circuit, the proportion of the loss of metal was very large. Due to the existence of capacitor loss in sinusoidal ac voltage on the capacitor, and through the capacitor of the phase difference between the current is not PI / 2, but slightly less than of PI / 2, formed the deviation Angle of the delta. The delta is called capacitor loss Angle, as shown in figure 4 5. Capacitors have low dissipation factor is one of the important indicators of quality measure capacitor. All kinds of condenser are set in a certain frequency range the loss factor of housings. In selecting pulse, communication and high frequency circuit using capacitor should be considered when the parameters.
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