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The importance of high quality electrolytic capacitors for motor analysis

by:SMiLer     2022-01-12
Electrolytic capacitor electrolyte material for internal storage charges, positive and negative polarity, similar to the battery, do not pick up. Is very stick has a metal oxide film substrate, the cathode through the metal plate with the electrolyte ( Solid and non solid) Be connected. Nonpolar ( Bipolar). Electrolytic capacitor adopts double oxide film structure, similar to the two polar electrolytic capacitor after two connected to the cathode, the two electrodes of two metal plates (respectively All with oxide film) Is linked together, two groups of oxide film as electrolyte in the middle. Polar electrolytic capacitor is usually in the power supply circuit or intermediate frequency and low frequency circuit power filtering, decoupling ( ǒu) , signal coupling and time constant is set, the dc insulation etc. Nonpolar electrolytic capacitor is usually used in audio frequency divider circuit, the TV S correction circuit and single phase motor starting circuit. Role in is to prevent dc dc: through and through communication. The bypass ( Decoupling) : for some components in parallel to provide low impedance in ac circuit pathways. Filter: this is essential to DIY, the capacitance of the basic on the graphics card is this role. Temperature compensation: in view of the other components of the effects of temperature adaptability is not enough, and compensation, to improve the stability of the circuit. Timing: capacitor and resistor, determine the time constant of the circuit, t = RC time constant. Tuning: the related to frequency tuning circuit system, such as mobile phones, radios, televisions. Rectification: on or off at the predetermined time half closed conductor switch components. Storage: store electricity, used for must be released. The camera flash light, for example, heating equipment, etc. For different applications, need capacitor characteristics are also different, such as table 1. For example, the white goods air conditioning and the house to do more and more small, efficiency is higher and higher, so it is very important to the miniaturization of electronic components; At the same time as the equipment with high needs of capacitor charge/discharge is also important, but differ as a result the demand for electricity day and night, so also has requirements for voltage fluctuations, need high pressure. The life of the capacitor electrolytic capacitor in the circuit to actual pressure values of withstand voltage can not be more than it. In the filter circuit, capacitance pressure value not less than 1 of ac RMS. 42. When using electrolytic capacitor, also note is don't pick up the cathode. Different circuit should choose different kinds of capacitance. Wipe resonance circuit can choose mica, high-frequency ceramic capacitor, dc insulation can choose paper, polyester, mica, electrolysis, ceramic capacitor, such as filter can choose electrolytic capacitor, the bypass can choose polyester, paper, ceramics, such as electrolytic capacitor. Capacitance in front of the load circuit to check it if there is any short circuit, open circuit and leakage phenomenon, and check its capacitance value. When installation, you must make the category of the capacitance, capacity, compression symbols such as easy to see, in order to verify. Life estimation ( 预期寿命) : electrolytic capacitor under the highest working temperature, time of sustainable action. lx=lo*2( - ta) Lx / 10 = actual working life lo (= to ensure life = maximum operating temperature 85℃105℃) Ta = capacitor temperature example: around the actual work specification value 105 ℃ / 1000 hrs65 ℃ life estimate: lx = 1000 * 2 ( 105 - 65). / actual working life: 16000 HRS heat load life ( 负载的生活) The electrolytic capacitor under the highest working temperature, the Inca rated voltage, the time after the completion of the continuous regulation shall comply with the following changes: & delta; Cap: the value of less than 20% before test
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