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The greater the capacitance is the better?

by:SMiLer     2021-01-27
Capacitance is the bigger the better? Intuitively, seems to be the energy storage capacitor, the greater the current compensation ability for IC. As a result, many people love to use great decoupling capacitor capacity. This is a wrong concept. Because the existence of the parasitic inductance capacitance, the capacitor discharge circuit can cause resonance frequency at some point, the resonance point, the impedance of the capacitor is small, so the impedance of the discharge circuit of minimum, supplement energy effect is best. But when more than point of resonance frequency, the impedance of the discharge circuit starts to increase, this means that the capacity to provide current abilities begin to decline. The capacity of capacitance value, the greater the resonance frequency is lower, the frequency of the capacitor can effectively compensate current range. Therefore, in order to ensure the capacitor's ability to provide high frequency current, capacitance is not the bigger the better. Capacitor three-point oscillation circuit principle: as shown in figure 2 and figure 3, is two three-point capacitance oscillation circuit. We shot with the base application to judge whether meet the phase conditions. First see figure 2, figure 2, transistor emitter after the three point of the two end of the frequency selective network, collector is 1 side, base grounding in communication channel, so that the base is equivalent to pick three side. Asked the emitter and the base of a single frequency selective device is capacitor C2, emitter and the collector of indirect capacitance Cl, emitter and other indirect is reactance of two electrodes of the same nature capacitor, so shoot with has been satisfied; Capacitance C2 base and the emitter, the base and the collector of indirect single frequency selective device is the inductance L, inductance and capacitance are two reactance properties instead of the device, so the base is also meet, figure 2 circuit branch pathway is normal, and shot to satisfy the conditions, so can be oscillation. See figure 3. Amplifier configuration, though different in figure 2, according to shoot with the base back analysis still meet shot with anti, dc circuit is normal, the circuit can also be oscillation. If use the phase conditions criterion is met. If judged by phase condition in figure 2 and figure 3 two circuit, can be obtained: watch figure 2 and figure 3, the two end of the capacitor 2 point selected frequency circuit network is capacitance and the capacitance of the node, 1 and 3 side is capacitance and the inductance of the node, when the phase of capacitance three-point oscillator circuit analysis conditions so only need to look at the two end of the frequency selective network whether directly or through a resistor and the emitter ( Or the source field effect tube) Is linked together, l and 3 set whether directly or through a resistor connected to the base and the collector. Figure 2 operators to remove base capacitance Cb still meet the phase condition, the circuit as long as the oscillation amplitude condition is met.
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