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The fan start capacitor connection

by:SMiLer     2022-01-07
Fan startup capacitor connection detection method of household electric fan is used in the single phase ac motor, so that a zero line only need a piece of wire can work normally, but in order to protect the machine, requires additional installed an electric fan startup capacitor, so that you can avoid because electric current is too large and burned winding at start-up time. When you first need to install the capacitance to test the motor, the other three threads in the motor, the multimeter to the electric block, measured resistance between threads, the resistance of the two biggest thread is where installed capacity. Fan start capacitance connection methods electric fans start capacitor, the correct way of connection electric fan used in general are non-polar capacitor, so there is no is the difference between the socket and the socket, and standardization of parts without welding, directly according to the original way with a screw. But you must be aware of when buying a new capacitance specifications, choose the same type, too big or too small may lead to new problems, especially the small capacitance will don't start and protection, at the time of large current and click meltdown may result in electric fans. Fan start capacitance connected note fan start capacitance method is very simple, so if you can buy the accessories, the users themselves can complete replacement. But there is no trained people must pay attention to safety when maintenance, the first is to thoroughly before operating power, must not be charged. Don't answer the reverse, then there is the zero line and the line of fire for electric fan the electrical zero firewire reverse also can work normally, but after close the fan would still be charged, will increase the risk of electric shock and leakage.
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