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The effect of capacitor/principle/features

by:SMiLer     2021-02-19
Through communication in electronic circuit, the capacitor is used to cut off dc, also used to store and release charge to act as a filter, smooth output pulse signals. Small capacity of capacitance, usually used in high frequency circuit, such as radio, transmitter and oscillation in the. Two electrodes of the capacitor on the power of positive and negative, respectively, after a while even when the power disconnected, there could still be residual voltage between two pins ( Learned after the tutorial, you can use a multimeter to observe) , we say the capacitor stored charge. Establish the voltage between capacitor plates, energy savings, this process is called capacitor charging. Charged electric capacitor has certain voltage at both ends. Capacitor stored charge circuit to release process, known as the capacitor discharge. Electric circuit, only in the process of capacitor charging, just have current through, after the charging process, capacitor is not by direct current (dc), to play the role of a dc insulation in the circuit. Circuit, the capacitor is often used as coupling, bypass, filtering, etc. , are using it through communication, the characteristics of dc. So why to alternating current (ac) through the capacitor? Now let's look at the characteristics of alternating current (ac). Alternating current (ac) and alternating direction movements, not only big small are according to the law of its change. Capacitor on the ac power capacitor continuous charging and discharging, circuit will flow through the consistent with ac change rule of charging current and discharge current. The selection of capacitor involves a lot of problems. The first is the problem of pressure. Add at opposite ends of a capacitor voltage exceeds its rated voltage, capacitor can be broken down. General pressure step is 6 of electrolytic capacitors. 3 v, 10 v, 16 v, v, 25 to 50 v, etc. Below is a list of some capacitance effect: coupling capacitance: used in referred to as the capacitance coupling capacitance coupling circuit, the resistance capacity coupling amplifier and other extensive use of the capacitance in the capacitance coupling circuit circuit, blocking circulation communication role. Filter capacitor, capacitor used in the filter circuit called filter capacitance, the power supply filter and various kinds of filter circuit using the capacitance circuit, filter capacitance will be within a certain frequency band signals from the total get rid of. Timing capacitor: capacitor used in the timing circuit called the timing capacitor. When measuring, suppose a very + first, make its black pens and connect with multimeter, another electrode red pens and connect with multimeter, take note of the clock stopped scale ( The clock is great value on the left) And then the capacitor discharge ( Both two fuses touch) , two pens and switch and measure again. The location of the two measurement, whose hands finally stay (on the left Resistance) The black pens and pick up is electrolytic capacitor anode. Measurement when had better choose 100 or R * R * 1 k. Multimeter is judge capacitor quality using a multimeter to judge capacitor quality depending on the electrolytic capacitor size, usually choose the multimeter R&TImes; r乘以10; 100年,r乘以; 1 k block test judgment. Red, black pens and respectively by capacitor anode ( Before each test, the capacitor discharge) must be And judging by the deflection of something capacitor quality. If something quickly to the right set up, then slowly back to the left in situ, capacitor is generally good. If the clock set up after no longer rotating, the capacitor has breakdown. If the clock set up after the stop gradually return to a position, then capacitor have leakage. If the clock set up, the electrolyte capacitor has dried up lost capacity. Some capacitor leakage, use the above method is difficult to accurately judge the good or bad. When the pressure value is greater than the multimeter in battery voltage value of capacitor, according to the electrolytic capacitor is small leakage current when charging, the characteristics of leakage current when reverse charge, can use R&TImes; 10 k block, to reverse the capacitor charging, whose hands resting place to observe whether stable ( The reverse leakage current is constant) , the capacitor quality, accuracy is higher. Black pens and capacitor anode, red pens and capacitor of the anode, the clock set up quickly, then gradually receded to stay somewhere, then capacitor is good, whose hands stay in one position that instability or stay and then slowly to the right of capacitor have leakage, cannot continue to use. In the 50 - whose hands usually stay and stability 200 k scale range.
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