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The difference between the super capacitor and conventional capacitors

by:SMiLer     2021-01-13
Super capacitor and electric double layer capacitors, gold capacitor, farah capacitance. It with the ordinary capacitance of the biggest difference is that it is a kind of electrochemical physical components, but itself is not for chemical reaction, super capacitor capacity particularly big, level farah capacitance. How to increase the area of the plate? Super capacitor energy storage, by injecting electrolyte electrolyte under the action of the electrode, electrode surface charge will attract the opposite sex ions in electrolyte solution around, make these ions on the electrical double layer is formed on the electrode surface, constitutes a electric double layer capacitance. Due to the distance of the two charge layer is very small, General 0. Below 5 mm) , coupled with the use of special electrode structure, make the increase of the electrode surface area million times, to produce a great deal of electric capacity. Physical properties of super capacitor is a blend of capacitors, many advantages are unmatched by traditional capacitance and battery: 1. Large capacitance level with ferrari, the capacitance is much larger than the ordinary. 2. Can instantly release the power of nearly 10 times higher than normal ones, and will not damage. 3. Charge and discharge cycle life in more than one hundred thousand times, this is one of the biggest advantages, traditional battery normally only charge hundreds of times. 4. At 40 degrees to 60 degrees of environment temperature in normal use, traditional battery low temperature efficiency will be greatly reduced. 5. With super charged keeping ability, electricity leakage is very small, the traditional charging battery regularly to maintain status. 6. Rapid charging, it dozens of times faster than normal ones, the speed of a few minutes can be filled with a car need electricity. 7. Itself won't cause pollution to the environment, truly free maintenance, while the traditional battery is still there is pollution. But the super capacitor has the most fatal two shortcomings: one is its volume is larger, compared with the volume quite a battery, its storage capacity. Level 2 it is to ferrari, but compared with the traditional battery, still less, according to the current technology, it is still not as the main reservoir of electric appliances, because its power only a few kilometres driven vehicle is. Even the super capacitor can't support electric vehicles hundreds of kilometers, but in some special vehicle, still will have great practical value. If the super capacitor charge to driving a few tens of kilometers, in addition to the short bus, a large part of the city using mini will be the beneficiaries of this technology. Such as Harbin industrial university developed a super capacitor electric car, charging only 15 minutes at a time can run 25 kilometers, the highest up to 52 kilometers per hour. In other areas, the super capacitor has good prospects for development, for example, using the super capacitor manufacturing mobile phone batteries, only need to charge a minute can be charged, and not afraid of sub-zero temperatures environment test. In some high power starting motor, such as large diesel engine or gas turbine starter, need a great deal of instantaneous current, the motor with the traditional battery life will be very short, but the super capacitor is completely up to.
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