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The difference between safety capacitance x1 and x2

by:SMiLer     2021-03-02
Safety capacitance x1 and x2 difference x1 and x2 capacitor is a capacitor, safety capacitance is used in such situations, the capacitor failure after, will not cause electric shock, do not endanger personal safety. X capacitor refers to cross in L - Capacitor between N, Y capacitor refers to cross in L - G/N- G between the capacitor. ( L =线,N =中立,G =地面) Under X capacitor is divided into X1, X2, X3, the main difference is that: 1. The X1 resistance to high pressure is greater than 2. 5 kV, less than or equal to 4 kV, 2. X2 high voltage less than or equal to 2. 5 kV,  3. X3 high voltage less than or equal to 1. Under 2 kVY capacitance is divided into Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, the main difference is that: 1. Y1 resistance to high pressure is greater than 8 kV, 2. Y2 resistance to high pressure greater than 5 kV, 3. High-pressure Y3 n/a4. Y4 resistance to high pressure is greater than 2. 5 kVX capacitance is jumper in the power line two lines ( L - N) Is generally selected, the capacitance between the metal film capacitors, because of the metallized film capacitor, volume is larger, the charging and discharging current is big, but it allows instant and its internal resistance smaller accordingly. Capacitors are low ripple current indicators, the dynamic resistance is higher. Use capacitors instead of X capacitor, besides capacitance pressure cannot meet the standard, ripple current index can also be difficult to conform to the requirements. The film metallized film capacitor use such as poly (ethyl acetate, polypropylene, polycarbonate, besides winding type, also have laminated type. Metallized film this kind of capacitor has a so-called I recover my role, the assumption of small electrode parts for electrical industry qualitative fragile and cause short circuit, cause a short-circuit parts around the electrode metal, due to the capacitor with the electrostatic energy or short-circuit current, caused more the fusing and evaporation and restore the insulation of large area, returning to the capacitor capacitor; Here Y capacitance is not said. X capacitor is jumper in the power between the zero line and the line of fire, required pressure value is big, the X1 and X2 capacitance pressure level is different: X1. 2. 5 kv≤4。 0伏特; X2 ≤2. 5kV。 Warm prompt: one: the power supply of electromagnetic interference suppression with capacitor when used in the power line circuit capacitor to eliminate noise, it is not only the normal voltage, also must consider the abnormal pulse voltage ( Like lightning) , this can lead to capacitor smoke or fire. So the cross line of capacitor safety standards in different countries have strict rules, so must use a capacitor safety certification. 2: dc containers are not allowed to be used as a line across the capacitor use: for X2 class power electromagnetic interference suppression with capacitor shall be applicable to the capacitor failure will not cause electric shock when dangerous situations, such as power across the line connection, affordable 2. 5 kv impulse voltage. The X1 and X2 capacitance capacitance of the safety application in electronic circuit board, is the user's safety, X1 and X2 capacitors always choose the choose and buy must have a safety inspection agency certification and safety certification of industrial nations, on the general product certification mark. Safety difference between X and Y capacitors safety capacitance X and Y safety capacitance is safe, X is the difference between capacitive pick on both ends of the input line is used to eliminate the differential mode, Y capacitance between the input line and ground, is used to eliminate common-mode; X safety capacitance with encapsulation square high-pressure CBB capacitor, CBB capacitor not only has better electrical performance, and the power input end of the parallel can effectively reduce the influence of high frequency pulse of switch power supply. Y safety capacitors with high pressure ceramics. Y safety capacitance connection between phase line and the ground. In order not to exceed the ground allow leakage value of the relevant safety standard limit, the capacitance value is around a few nF. Generally, Y safety capacitance larger wire should be connected to the noise of the; Y safety capacitance is divided into Y1 and Y2 capacitance, Y1 belongs to double insulation Y capacitance, for a secondary side is jumper. Y2 belong to basic Y capacitor with a single insulation for jumper FG line side to protect the earth at a time.
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