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The difference between monolithic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors

by:SMiLer     2021-02-17
Summary of electrolytic capacitors is a kind of capacitance, metal foil as the anode ( Aluminum or tantalum) With the positive close to metal oxide film ( Alumina or tantalum pentoxide) Is the dielectric, cathode by a conductive material, electrolyte ( The electrolyte can be a liquid or solid) And other materials, because of the electrolyte is a key part of the cathode, electrolytic capacitor hence the name. At the same time, electrolytic capacitor plus or minus is wrong. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor can be divided into four classes: led linear aluminum electrolytic capacitor; Ox horn type aluminum electrolytic capacitor; Bolt type aluminum electrolytic capacitor; Solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor. Electrolytic capacitor is usually composed of metal foil ( Aluminum/tantalum) As a positive electrode, foil the insulating oxide layer ( Alumina/tantalum pentoxide) As the dielectric, electrolytic capacitor with its positive electrode divided into aluminum electrolytic capacitor and tantalum electrolytic capacitor. The negative electrode of aluminum electrolytic capacitors by soaked in liquid electrolyte ( Liquid electrolyte) The tissue paper/film or polymer electrolyte composition; Manganese dioxide tantalum electrolytic capacitor negative electrode is usually adopted. Due to the electrolyte as a negative electrode ( Pay attention to and dielectric distinguish) Thus the name, electrolytic capacitor. Summary of monolithic capacitor monolithic capacitor is multilayer ceramic capacitor's nickname, referred to as 'MLCC, widely used in electronic precision instruments. All sorts of small electronic equipment for resonance, coupling, filtering, by-pass. Monolithic capacitors have a capacitor 'lie between direct pay' connectivity features, it has small volume, large volume, long life, high reliability, suitable for surface mount, etc.  with the rapid development of the electronics industry, as the basis of the electronics industry components, monolithic capacitor is developing at an amazing speed, every year to 10 ~ 15 [%] [%] speed increasing. World demand for monolithic capacitors in more than 200 billion, 70 [%] from Japan, followed by Europe and the United States and southeast Asia ( Including China) 。 With the improvement of capacity of product reliability and integration, the scope of its use is more and more widely, widely used in a variety of military and civilian use electronic machine and electronic devices. Such as computer, telephone, program-controlled switches, precision testing instruments, radar, communication, etc. What is the difference between electrolytic capacitor and monolithic capacitor role is capacitive, is to save electricity. But with different material determines the specific areas of application. Why capacitor of low cost, capacity can be relatively large, at the same time have a polarity, commonly used. Ceramics with high frequency performance is better, cheaper, commonly used. The stability of monolithic stability is good. Another referred to as film capacitor. Due to the production craft is the superposition of thin film layers. Performance strengths and different process in different places may have certain advantages. The overall performance is good, is one of the best capacity, also is very expensive, better. Monolithic capacitors is stable, small q coefficient of temperature drift, capacitance value can be 1 uf, long life, the equivalent dc resistance is small, the price is a bit expensive. 1, capacity difference: monolithic capacitor capacity: 0. 5 pf - - 1 uf pressure: 2 times rated voltage electrolytic capacitor electric capacity: 0. 47 - - 10000 u rated voltage: 6. 3 - - 450 v2, features, different monolithic capacitors: large capacity, small volume, high reliability, stable capacitance, resistance to high temperature and wet resistance, high temperature coefficient of electrolytic capacitors, small size, large capacity, loss is big, the leakage big 3, the application scope of different monolithic capacitors: widely used in electronic precision instruments, all kinds of small electronic equipment for resonance, coupling, filtering, by-pass. Electrolytic capacitors: the main role and electronic components in the power supply filter, low-frequency coupling, decoupling, bypass and monolithic and multilayer ceramic dielectric capacitors, divided into two types, type I performance is quite good, but the capacity is small, generally less than 0. 2 u, the second is called type II, large capacity, but the performance in general. Electrolytic capacitor capacity body is bigger, series resistance is bigger, impedance is bigger, sensitive to temperature. It is suitable for temperature change is not big, the working frequency is not high, No more than 25 KHZ) Occasions, can be used for low frequency filter. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor has the polarity, the installation must ensure that the correct polarity, or are in danger of explosion. 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