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The conventional safety detection capacitance?

by:SMiLer     2021-03-13
Regular safety capacitance detection 1, with the hand gently swirl shaft, should feel very smooth, should not feel sometimes loose tight even have card lag phenomenon. Will be carried forward, backward, up, down, left and right when driving in all directions, such as a shaft should not have loose phenomenon. 2, with one hand twisted axis, the other one the outside part of the handle gently touch this little group, should not feel any loose phenomenon. Axis and poor contact between the variable capacitor, is can't continue to use. 3, put a multimeter at R x 10 k block, it is a hand to connect two pens and variable capacitor dynamic piece and piece of terminal, another hand will turn a few back and forth slowly rotating shaft, multimeter pointer should place in infinity. In the process of the swirl shaft, if the pointer points to zero, sometimes short circuit between moving and fixed pills are point; If a certain Angle, the multimeter reading for infinity but not appear a certain value, that variable between the rotor plate with fixed leakage phenomenon. Safety capacitance is broken in general, the performance of safety capacitance is broken, power lines, don't have electricity. Safety capacitance on power supply circuit board, main effect is filtering through isolation, storage booster. Ann if gauge capacitance is damaged, the function failure will only make the circuit to stop working, or reduce work efficiency, or does not work, can only open, not breakdown, will not damage other components. Wouldn't be dangerous to the user.
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